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People always say cyclists need to be more afraid of cars, because in a collision, the car wins.

It doesn't have to be like that. We can _both_ lose.

@freakboy3742 Image description: Photo of a bicycle with a cylinder of propane gas strapped to its side.

@freakboy3742 The cyclists’ version of the nuclear deterrent. 🤣

@freakboy3742 In a similar vein, I saw someone made a bike trunk with an empty propane tank with a door cut into it strapped on top of a rear rack. Similar results in people leaving enough space.

@freakboy3742 Ah, my mistake, just a regular gas can, I think there was a comment on using propane tanks maybe? Reddit link to post:

@freakboy3742 Reminds me of Snow Crash: There's a guy always carrying a nuke on his motorcycle, and it's tied to his vital signs. 😬

@freakboy3742 mutual assurance destruction (mad)! 😆 excellent 🙂

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