I don't want to have Google getting into my life through another means, but this week I decided to get the free trial of Google Play Music (while the new YouTube thing doesn't launch where I live).
I'm a bit impressed with how spot on the recommendations are. In three days it's already better than some years of Spotify following my tastes.

The thing is that I'm against concentration, because other than that Spotify is no better than Google by any standards.

The paradox of productivity in 2018 is even if you're writing a quantum tech article whilst simultaneously dogwalking, podcasting your fourth Ph. D, & inventing the next revolutionary drudge-work-automating app (that will be consumed by a tech giant), you'll always be making not-enough per hour for a dignified existence.

No amount of neurohack pills, 180-hour crunches and AI assistants will ever free us, because neofeudal capitalism will consume all abundance.

The wheel must break.

Does anybody out there on the fediverse have a Google Pixel 2? I’d like to know how is the sound output on headphones with the dongle.

Remember what Stallman did ~30 years ago when proprietary software dominated, he didn't recommended abstinence he came up with a positive answer aka Free Software. We need to do the same with today's evolving technology (cloud, saas, IoT, whatever). Ignoring it will change nothing we have to get engaged and shape it in a freedom and privacy respecting way.

Having my whole email history accessible is handy, but email accounts that respect users’ privacy are expensive if one is to store 10+ GB that grows day by day. So, in case anyone is interested, here’s my plan: I have an “unlimited” Google Drive from work (G Suite). I’ll regularly have Thunderbird export my emails in plain-text+attachments to a Cryptomator vault inside Google Drive. Then Google can’t read them but I can, even from mobile. Just have to figure out how to automate this.

Anyone here uses/used DAVdroid? Any advice? I see it's open source, but, anyway, is it trustworthy?

🎨 maybe you create art, photography, design, using software like #krita #gimp #ardour #blender, #darktable, #mypaint #inkscape

🎼 ...and music using #ardour #lmms #kxstudio #hydrogen #puredata or distros like #ubuntustudio

📝 ...or when writing stories your tools to go are #plume #libreoffice or #zim

📽 Maybe you make films and animation with #kdenlive #pitivi #synfig

🎮 ...or make games with #godot or #twine

🛠 You might be using tools like #robocut #openCAD #processing or #arduino to create your art or design of any form

🎪 or simply creating art using traditional mediums, doing work in performance art, circus arts or theatre, using any of the above or others to create or document your work.

are you an artist or creative in the most generic sense of the word, and use #FOSS / #FLOSS / #OpenSource software as part of your workflow?

consider tagging your works with
🐧 #artWithOpenSource tag and check out the tag for works by your fellow mastodon artists who also prefer Open Sourced alternatives.

(sibling tags of interest: #linuxartists #flossart #libreMonday and #creativeCommons )

#Mastoart #photography #creativeToots #gamedev #art

Let's do a little experiment. It's obviously biased by my relative participation in each, but I'm comparing the reach of twitter, facebook, Diaspora, pump, G+, and GNU Social (plus anything that can talk directly to it...that is not via NavierStokes).

Please like this if you see it. Obviously, if you want more people to like it, then you share it, but I'm only going to count likes.

Anyone here knows if there's a shortcut on Android to go straight back to the top of the screen? On iOS you tap the top horizontal bar where the clock, network etc. indicators stay...

One of the best pieces I’ve read about the relations between capitalism, politics and technology:

After watching Dunkirk, my conclusion is that Christopher Nolan and Hans Zimmer deserve each other. Both are entirely dependent on gimmicks to convey their artistic identities and clearly favor effect over substance.

Happy new year, everybody! I was wondering: anyone here uses Micro.blog?

Those who know and love Brazilian music will miss drummer, singer and composer Wilson das Neves. RIP.

Every time I see rightists trying to make their history look better by saying that Nazism was a left-wing movement I ask myself what do they have to say about Pinochet...

@nitai, tudo bem? Interessante ver essa instância aí, .gov... Ela é "publica"?

@miguel Olá, desculpe pela abordagem simplesmente por sermos os dois brasileiros, mas tenho tentado fazer meus amigos migrarem do Facebook pra cá e não está sendo fácil. Aí se houvesse uma instância com mais gente daqui do Brasil talvez animasse o pessoal. Vc administra uma? É isso?

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