Strange as it may seem at first, this made me think that the “thematicness” of many of the fediverse instances/servers/pods/etc. fits into the theory:

@librelounge @cwebber @emacsen I was listening to that behind the scenes ep. It’s great, thank you for that, but I still have some doubts: you said the audio is hosted with the internet archive and you use Ghost for the website. How does it work? How do you create the RSS feed? I’ve been planning to use a simple Google sites or GitHub pages (my work gives me those two for free) for the show and host the audio files elsewhere. Sonhou think it’d work?

Does anyone know of a good Google-free custom ROM for the Pixel 3 for daily driver usage?

How does one disable autocomplete in Gboard (Android 9)? I want autocorrect, no problem, but it drives me nuts when I start typing a word and it completes the word before I finished typing it.

I keep seeing the tech industry speculate about Google’s engagement with podcasts. They’re not paying attention to the right things: the Pixel 3’s earbuds are the definitive proof that Google cares a lot about podcasts, as their sound quality makes them unsuitable to anything other than spoken word... :-P

One day I made the mistake of answering a question on Quora. Since then I keep receiving their digests and questions for me to answer more than once a day. It's a bit annoying, but I've learned a thing or two reading what they send me. Now this is getting a bit out of hand: I had searched for open source launchers for Android *on Google* and now I received an email *from Quora* whose subject line said "Still curious about 'Which is the best open source launcher for Android mobile?'"

Now it got serious. I have two options: an iPhone or a Pixel 3. I care a lot about software freedom and want to actively fight surveillance capitalism. My feeling is either I can install an alternative ROM on the Pixel and go Google-free or it's better to go the iPhone route and treat it as an appliance, lock it down as much as possible and do the minimum with it. So, what are my options with the Pixel 3?

@cwebber @emacsen I've been listening to your episodes about activitypub and the fediverse and maybe you can help me with a thing a friend of mine suggested. Sorry for pinging you directly, but he had this idea that we created an instance in which people's toots would have no user ID attached. This would be a closed instance in which everybody knows everybody IRL actually. Just an experiment to discuss some specific topics. Is such a thing too complicated to implement?

Russian artist Svetlana Petrova decided to add her big ginger cat to some iconic portraits and masterpieces #womensart


Does anyone have suggestions of contacts and calendar apps alternative to Google’s on Android? I don’t know how to phrase it nor do I know if it is asking too much, but I’d like alternatives that make sense to use, that is, that offer some form of privacy. If I’m going to be tracked anyway I guess I’ll stick with the stock ones. Thanks!

When I think of the reach and scope of what Google does and is capable of, I always get to the conclusion that it should be like a public good funded through taxes. Libertarians will argue no way we’re leaving something like this in the hands of the state, but then they’ll propose we leave it in the hands of a small board of old capitalist men and male white engineers in their 20s and 30s? Yes, it should be a common good run by a group of delegates elected for terms of defined length.

@mlemweb hi! Sorry for messaging you out of nowhere. I was listening to LibreLounge and looked the hosts up on the fediverse and on birdsite, which suggested me your profile. I'm an academic in the field of music history and musicology and a free software enthusiast, so I got interested in the "digital humanities" and even more the "free software in academia" mentioned in your profile, as I've been trying to bridge these interests of mine. Do you have any resources to point me to, please?

Hey there. I've been away from social media and Mastodon for a while and noticed now there is this account redirect feature. Googled it and could not find up-to-date info on what this does exactly. Could anyone help me with this, please?

@marcus, I just read your post on SvN. Very well put. This whole Google thing bothers me a lot and it’s even harder to escape it bc paying for all these services quickly adds up. I think those services who have free (and ad/tracking-free) tiers but are sustained by customers who can pay are a possible solution, like ProtonMail, Mastodon, and in a way the whole open source software model.

Does anybody have suggestions of services to host a Mastodon instance? Thanks!

I’ll get back to something I said a while ago: I definitely see an advantage of over Mastodon in that the former let’s you own your content much more than the latter. And now you can even post from to Mastodon since it’s compatible with ActivityPub. If you stop and think, Mastodon is still a silo. I’d like to see people discuss its pros and cons.

I don't want to have Google getting into my life through another means, but this week I decided to get the free trial of Google Play Music (while the new YouTube thing doesn't launch where I live).
I'm a bit impressed with how spot on the recommendations are. In three days it's already better than some years of Spotify following my tastes.

The thing is that I'm against concentration, because other than that Spotify is no better than Google by any standards.

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