Of course this means we shouldn’t improve FOSS in this regard. Not bashing on free software by any means.

@VictorVenema @mlemweb

It’s been a while... I guess this isn’t the best moment to say this, but I’ve been reevaluating my free software radicalism. I still believe in all the principles I used to, but Ive been feeling that more important than the sometimes formal argument of software freedom is that my students are empowered to do things. So it seems sometimes free as in beer gets them closer than faif with the characteristically steep learning curve so much FOSS has.

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Well, forcing (forcing is a bit strong, I concur) you to publish in peer reviewed journals makes some sense. After all, research is validated through peer reception and debate. The other argument about academic freedom is theoretical at best and actually pure BS, if you ask me.

@jboy @mlemweb

Strange as it may seem at first, this made me think that the “thematicness” of many of the fediverse instances/servers/pods/etc. fits into the theory:


@emacsen @librelounge @cwebber yeah, Haunt, not Ghost! Know when you say something and feel it’s not quite right but don’t know what it is?
I’ll check Pelican. I’m not acquainted with any of that, just WordPress, but I’d like to save some pennies using the two options of hosting I mentioned. May I ask how are you hosting the audio now?
Thanks for the info!

@librelounge @cwebber @emacsen I was listening to that behind the scenes ep. It’s great, thank you for that, but I still have some doubts: you said the audio is hosted with the internet archive and you use Ghost for the website. How does it work? How do you create the RSS feed? I’ve been planning to use a simple Google sites or GitHub pages (my work gives me those two for free) for the show and host the audio files elsewhere. Sonhou think it’d work?

Does anyone know of a good Google-free custom ROM for the Pixel 3 for daily driver usage?

@Necromancy@masto.donte.com.br qual foi a história? Vi algo sobre o fato de não ter o JB tb, mas não entendi direito a treta

@fribbledom this is great. Can I find your other “recent Go-related videos” in your PeerTube channel?

How does one disable autocomplete in Gboard (Android 9)? I want autocorrect, no problem, but it drives me nuts when I start typing a word and it completes the word before I finished typing it.

I keep seeing the tech industry speculate about Google’s engagement with podcasts. They’re not paying attention to the right things: the Pixel 3’s earbuds are the definitive proof that Google cares a lot about podcasts, as their sound quality makes them unsuitable to anything other than spoken word... :-P

@jboy, now, to stop talking about my interests: from the people I've met so far, I have the impression that FOSS and open science don't necessarily go hand on hand to them. Maybe bringing up FOSS with regards to enabling people who don't have the means to pay for proprietary software could work, as my feeling is that most people simply naturalize the use of proprietary software in general.
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@jboy, shortly after our previous discussion I thought of asking you all about a project I'm trying to start (I think I mentioned it to @mlemweb): I teach music history and would like to start work on a collaborative history of Brazilian music in the manner of the American Yawp. If you'd like, I'd love to have your input on: 1, how to frame it with regards to DH and open science; 2, how would you engage other academics; 3, how to do it with free software?

@jboy as far as I know I'm the only one with this precise username. I mean, I use it for emails too and I never came across another one nor have not been able to register it. I think it's just that I have accounts on many instances.

@librelounge Just listened to the episode and liked it a lot. Maybe I should go to IRC, but currently here is more handy to me. I didn't really get why you need the transcription. Is this a way to avoid having to listen to the whole episode while editing? Another thing: I'd love to know about the ducking settings, how you compress the audio etc. I do all this for the two podcasts I'm involved in, but it would be nice to know about other people's way of doing.

@mh@mastodon.art @Purism I'll definitely go for a Librem 5 if I have the opportunity when it is released.

@mh@mastodon.art I see. I had the opportunity to get a Pixel 3 for half the price, so I went for it (now you understand why I said Google search was there on my home screen, as I'm still using the stock ROM, I really saw no point in changing, say, the launcher, if I'd be tracked anyway). I've been anxiously waiting for an official build of Lineage for it, but no luck so far.

@mh@mastodon.art yes, I use many of those browser extensions and all, but now for one the million dollar question: what phone do you use?

@mh@mastodon.art yes, it's just that it was right in front of me on my phone's home screen. I have to change that setting. Thanks! Anyway, isn't it baffling that it's so explicitly invasive?!

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