Have you ever had an idea that could improve the rush hour traffic in your area? A/B street is a traffic simulator that gives you that ability.

It downloads data from #OpenStreetMap and simulates people driving to and from work. This gives you the option to try out things, and possibly improve the situation.

If you're really bold you can then bring this to your local politicians.

Website: abstreet.org
Recent podcast: rustgamedev.com/episodes/inter

#Rust #RustLang #ABStreet #GameDev

If you don't know yet about cheats.rs, you definitely should - this is super handy!


✨ I won free load testing!

My website was DDoS'd this week. Why wasn't my website resilient in the first place? Why didn't Cloudflare's DDoS protection kick in?

All this and some Rust code (I've made some changes) in the full post-mortem:


"Not sure which C standard to use? I created this handy infographic."

Here's the video of my FOSDEM talk, "Optimal buffer allocation on Wayland":


A traffic simulation game exploring how small changes to roads affect cyclists, transit users, pedestrians, and drivers. @CarlinoDustin github.com/a-b-street #rust #sustainabledevelopment #sdgs @dabreegster #climate #sustainability

Just released a new app!

📣 Audio Sharing is available on Flathub now!


It's a small tool which allows you to stream your current computer audio over the network as a RTSP stream.

in the great freenode exodus of 2021, all the open-source projects and general nerd hangout channels will flock to...

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