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I've come to the realization that we need federated Git hosting now.

Is there any Git hosting platform that supports federation of things like pull requests and issues?

Today a small GNU/Linux #GTK #Rust App I wrote got published on Flathub: OvGU Mensa! The App displays the canteen menu of the Otto-von-Guericke University #ovgu and several other canteens managed by the Studentenwerk #Magdeburg. The App currently displays no menus as the canteens are closed.

The App is visible in all Software Centers with Flatpak installed.

I'm also looking into publishing it on but currently lack the time to do so...

Don't use #html #email, please comment if you live in such a hostile #work or #business environment.
Use plaintext email

Gibt es irgend eine simple #foss Lösung für Arbeitszeiterfassung? Am besten irgend etwas einfaches, das nur "Kommen", "Gehen", "Gehen mit Grund" (z.B. Arztbesuch / Behördengang) macht? Keine Zuordnung zu Projekten oder sonstigen Firlefanz. Geht nur um die Dokumentation der Arbeitszeit für Angestellte. Bedienbar für nicht IT-affine Personen. Bonuspunkte für Verfügbarkeit einer Android-App, aber kein absolutes Muss-Kriterium. #followerpower

Introducing Inkscape 1.0! After a little over three years in development, we're excited to launch this long-awaited version for Windows and Linux (and the macOS preview) Watch the release video ( and download it here:

Note: If the download link doesn't work, check back a little later. The files are being propagated across our CDN.

nooo u can't just define numbers as recursive sets

haha lambda calculus go
b (r, (r, (r, (r, (r, (r, (r, (r)))))))

Also, the `mut` keyword is incredible.

I'm doing a code review right now and I have no idea which parameters all these functions are modifying without reading each line.

is absolutely the most developer-friendly language I've had the pleasure to use.

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Most of the software you use on a daily basis is really just a glorified for-loop.

Sehe ich das richtig:
Die deutschen Gesundheitsminister lassen sich gerade feiern, weil sie bislang unfähig waren, das Gesundheitssystem auf amerikanische Verhältnisse kaputtzusparen, und jetzt eine Kehrtwende ankündigen?

I fear we may one day live in a world entirely without Club Mate

“Protecting Your Privacy With a Virtual Machine While Using Zoom” by @dngray is live and explores all sorts of privacy flaws with the communications software businesses seem to love! Read more on the #PrivacyTools blog:

Dear burger franchises: why do your vegetarian burgers always have to be some kind of a special deal?

You got the patties already, just let me pick my favorite kind of burger and replace the meat with a vegetarian patty. It's not that hard.

Many proprietary software companies are currently using the extended homeoffice situation of many employees to offer lock-in solutions gratis or even labelling them as "free". But take care to build on Free Software. Else your solution today might turn into a burden tomorrow:

It (always) bears repeating that the phrase "open source" is defined by the open source definition:

The OSI invented the term "open source" and it has always been defined by the OSD. There are systemmic gaslighting campaigns ongoing to convince you otherwise. Remember: the only people who are trying to convince you that the OSD does not define open source have ulterior motives, namely convincing you that their propreitary software is open.

If you want to help with COVID-19, and got some spare CPU/GPU cycles, maybe install nixpkgs.foldingathome. Version for x86_64 is available at nixpkgs master.
nix-shell -p '(import (builtins.fetchTarball "") {}).foldingathome' --run FAHClient
Also there is a Nix configuration option for that, see `services.foldingAtHome`.

#nix #nixos #covid

Firefox 74 re-introduces outdated TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 due to current pandemic:

"We reverted the change for an undetermined amount of time to better enable access to critical government sites sharing COVID19 information."

Context: TLS versions older than 1.2 are considered insecure and were disabled in Firefox 74. The long-term goal is to completely remove outdated TLS from all current web browsers.

#firefox #tls #tls10 tls11 #firefox74

Got woken up by a M 5.7 earthquake. Every time we have an earthquake my first though is wondering if Yellowstone finally erupted and we all gonna die, but no everything is all good! Happy Wednesday!
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