I really need to spend more time on Mastodon.

Can anyone recommend me some follows? Or follow me so I can follow you back?

I'm into / interested in:

, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

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@freedcreative@mastodon.sociawow you have many interest
So i can recommend:
@torproject mmm
you can check other users profile and see the profiles that follow ... maybe

@freedcreative hello, this post appears on my timeline. I am also interested in Free Software I am following

- LibreOffice @libreoffice
- Purism @purism
- KDE @kde
- GNOME @gnome
- elementary @elementary
- PrivacyToolsIO @privacytools
- Ubuntu @ubuntu

#freesw #foss, #gnulinux

@ademalsasa And to you Ade, from Australia!

I hope you and your loved ones have been safe from the floods?

@freedcreative really glad to get a new friend from Australia. Yes, we are all safe. Alhamdulillah. And I hope you and your beloved ones are safe from the fires I heard happened currently there.

@ademalsasa Yes, all safe here too, thank you.

Difficult times for our country-people though. I'm thinking of them a lot.

@freedcreative oh I'm really glad to hear this. We are with you, people of Australia. We hope you are all safe and sound.

@ademalsasa We are with you too, northern neighbour!

And no need to apologise, your English is very clear. Much better than my small number of Indonesian lessons years ago. All I can remember is counting to five! Haha 😂

@freedcreative I am sorry I am late in replying. Thank you, I really need more improvements in my English, my southern neighbour. It is my first time to be called "northern neighbour" by an Australian. Thanks!

Aha, so you were learning Indonesian as well. Glad to hear that. Okay, satu, dua, tiga, empat, and lima.

You made my day.

@freedcreative oh and please forgive my English as I am not a native speaker.


Here's some people you might want to follow off the top of my head:
@bclindner,, @suprInventiveName, @toast, @amolith, @Gina, @alcinnz, @pamela, @jalcine, @sir, @eyeling, @sylvia_ritter .

A good way to find more people who like stuff you like is to use the /tags section of some instances. For instance .

Thanks for the toot. 😘
Will check out those guys, too.

@freedcreative Some others I always appreciate hearing from are:

* @jamey - is quite into the academic side.
* @ajroach42 - is into retro technology, truly independant fiction, & public domain movies.
* @emsenn - is much more varied in his toots, but he's making a MUD. That is a world for others to explore online.

@alcinnz i've actually paused my mud while i figure out what decolonizationmeans to me

@hugot So honored. Thank you! Have a great weekend ☀️ !

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