@akiraux Will Akira have the ability to set strokes to be inside / outside / center?

It's such a small thing, but it's also one of the things that comes up vector editing on Linux that I find myself missing the most. Having to create clipping masks to achieve the same result is kinda laborious.

God damn I can't wait for this software! Btw if you ever decide to crowdfund again, I will back again. I personally feel more people might get behind it now there's more demos showing what's being made.

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Yes, it will.
Current FOSS projects don't have that because it's not part of the standard SVG document, so we'll need to do some trickery to make it happen, but that's why we built a canvas library from scratch, allowing us to create custom objects with custom properties not normally available

@akiraux Absolutely spectacular. 😀

I'd read that was the reason, and I get why it must be a painful thing to cater for. Greatly appreciate the extra effort you're putting into making it happen.

@freedcreative Building Akira gave me the answer to the question "why we can't have this on Linux?", now I know how hard is to make these things. How naive I was :D
But hey, we're building it and it's working like we want so, I guess some naiveness is important in life

@akiraux And thank goodness for that!

I think you are doing a *huge* service to people. It's not just that you're making a linux graphics app. It's that you are giving people who have requirements they need to meet as part of making a living a pathway to having freedom, privacy, security and control in their work environment.

To me, that's a really big deal.

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