@trevdev I ended up going with a Moto X4 outright, after much consideration, and I've been super happy with it so far.

I thought about getting a dumb phone but I couldn't find one dumb enough not to do data harvesting I didn't want.

I'd been getting YouTube video recommendations eerily similar to topics I'd been speaking about but not looking at online. Once I dumped iOS & regular Android, and kept microphones unplugged from Windows, the weird YouTube recommendations went away. Go figure.

@tendigits Yeah and you can also sync your history, bookmarks and addons too if you choose.

@tendigits I also really like being able to sync tabs between devices so I can pick something up at my desk I was looking at earlier over coffee.

@cassidyjames A shame. It'd be cool to get LineageOS on a little number like this and see how it went.

@cassidyjames Replying selfishly. I'd be curious to hear how you find the transition to a tiny phone, so I say do it.

Have you heard if it will have an unlocked bootloader?

@0xxg4@merveilles.town Would be cool to see some pics when you get it.

@0xxg4@merveilles.town Have you picked out the type you're going to get? And are you going to do the conversion yourself?

@0xxg4@merveilles.town I think that might be the nicest van conversion I've seen yet. People are amazing with what they manage to fit into vans.

Thinking of going the van route, maybe next year. What I'd *really* like to do is have a setup in an electric van if I can.

@0xxg4@merveilles.town First reaction:

> Nope. No. Uh uh. Can't handle the empty line.

After looking for a bit....

> Actually.... that has symmetry and form to it. The patterns match.

I think you might have changed my mind.

But now I'm going to have to go and edit all my code. Thanks for that. 😆

@ksteimel There's a bunch of articles around about them using ARM so I'm not sure if there was a prototype or an earlier version or something?

@ksteimel @ajroach42 I run Linux on a Surface Go but mine has a pentium CPU.

I have no experience running Linux on an Arm based Surface, but if I was going to attempt it I think I'd try @ManjaroARM

@RaeYcrep I've been using Firefox on LineageOS (Android), and before that Fennec. Both good experiences.

@cassidyjames I think this would be really helpful. Often you know exactly which source you want to install a package from and in some software centers it can be a bit slow to differentiate which is which.

"Verified" badge would be helpful also.

@ademalsasa We are with you too, northern neighbour!

And no need to apologise, your English is very clear. Much better than my small number of Indonesian lessons years ago. All I can remember is counting to five! Haha 😂

@ademalsasa Yes, all safe here too, thank you.

Difficult times for our country-people though. I'm thinking of them a lot.

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