"[Facebook] gave Netflix and Spotify the ability to read Facebook users’ private messages."

Is "I'm not on Facebook" the new "I'm vegan" meme? It's unclear.

But leaving Facebook is probably easier than going vegan. You should .

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As someone who's done both, I will say that no one ever accused me of being selfish by being #vegan, but I did get that by not using #Facebook. I "It's selfish of you to demand that people contact you the way you want them to, rather than using their preferred way of communicating (Facebook in this case)". For the record, I never demanded they contact me at all. Meanwhile #email, text, #Wire, #xmpp, #NextCloud talk and phone can all reach me.

@Blort Very interesting observation. One of the hardest parts of taking down Facebook is overcoming the social pressure that Facebook users impose on others.

Creating technical alternatives to Facebook isn't impossible and has been done. But convincing people to be early movers away from Facebook is another story.

requires the courage to start a social trend and set an example for your friends.

@strypey @freedomboxfndn

Interesting. By the way, I actually did go vegan in the (early) 90's... Yeah, a lot has changed. In my city there was one restaurant that had a few explicitly vegan options back then. Now there's entire guides as to which are the best vegan restaurants of the year.


@strypey @freedomboxfndn I find the whole "it's selfish to refuse to use/eat a gift" thing weird. I mean, if someone gives a gift, presumably the point is to increase the happiness of the receiver. Therefore they should want the receiver to use it in the way that makes them happiest. If someone is going to get upset that the receiver politely chose to not use the gift, then it seems the giver is being selfish by putting their ego before the receivers wishes.

I doubt that. Sometimes there are connections to people on facebook that would be lost when closing your account. That is a pretty hard step to take.

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