Great privacy software exists. But what the world needs next is privacy infrastructure on which to deploy that software.

To make your own infrastructure, just install the free private server system on a single-board computer.

We like the LIME2 made by Olimex. What single-board computer do you like?


Open source hardware--and great performance! The LIME2 is a favorite in our user community.

Thanks for sharing!

@noorul @freedomboxfndn Does it runs fully libre OSes? I mean without proprietary GPU drivers amd stuff. I'm looking to replace my RPi 1 and the Lime2 looks interesting.

@noorul @freedomboxfndn
(typos: runs was run, and amd was and)

Nice to know! Thanks! 🤗


No problem, I didnt realise the grammatical errors. Good you corrected it.

Best wishes for you to get going with Limeb2


@noorul @freedomboxfndn @olimex "what else can you ask for." and electronics? no conflict materials? there's a LOT of work ahead of us!

Good article.

I read it and like these stuffs.

I am green person and against population.

One reason I adapt to sbc for compact, low resource to manufacture, support to open source hardware.

I feel guilty for consuming electricity to run my computer and gadgets.

I use arm sbc for light weight task.
Use 5" screen to screen, browse, communicate as it consumes less energy.

I still can't figure what you trying to say here.?


@noorul When you're getting enthusiastic about cheap open source hardware, you're not seeing the whole picture. The idea of the FreedomBox is great, but it would mean that people are buying yet another gadget full of sweatshop electronics. We need initiatives that recycle existing electronics, that give incentives to reduce use of electronics and that don't depend on people buying more gadgets and plugging another 10 Watt device to their power outlets.

@noorul FreedomBox should not stop advocating what they are advocating. But they should add a disclaimer to their statements, making aware of the problems that are involved with electronics in general. Same for olimex: Olimex should not stop selling great open source hardware, but they should start using fair and sustainable materials.

@noorul And that's why I say, there is work ahead of us. There are great organisations and great products. But, there is still a lot of things that can be improved. And we should make that clear when we are advocating stuff. Otherwise we will end up like all the capitalist silicon valley ignorants that don't see any ethical problems whatsoever in anything they do.

I personally think, we can't make these movement as FreedomBox or business such Olimex make awareness of better sustainable and reusable tech.

I'd rather shout out and make noise to consumers and advise to adapt better solution.

First, you need to present to me what's sustain solution ?

Solution alternative to SBC or new electronic devices.

By the way, I display choosing cheap product or Chinese make.

I bought BeagleBone Black from US producer at India.

Chinese makes cost me much lower but choose BBB

Advise me,

Should I buy a low power consuming sbc or use high power consuming used desktop machine as recycling ?

@noorul @attac_hl

That's a hard question. In general don't buy a new computer at all. The energy and environmental costs to manufacture it is much much higher than any powersavings you might gain.

If it breaks fix it, if it cannot be fixed, try to recycle it.

If you really really need a new computer, buy a free hw low power one.
In the future we might have components made from recycled material, so preferring that would be better too. But we are not there yet.

Does that make sense?
I don't use or buy used products, especially computer stuffs especially I use extensively.

The reason is I am not hard ware guy. So not cant do anything if things went wrong.

I believe laptop is better than desktop in term of materials, power, etc, so for more than a decade I am using laptop.

And I went mobile only for personal for few years, assuming, mobile can be even better for green world.

@ckeen @attac_hl
These days, I am shifting my attention to used devcies as I am getting connected mobile and computer hardware guys.

I am minimalist, I own only one mobile and laptop device for both personal and work.

I get ride of old and broken ones because I can't fix hard ware.

@ckeen @attac_hl
Can I make it clear here.

As I am minimalist and green person, buying new things comes from hard decision.

You are suggesting that instead of buying new computer (any product) , we could buy used to recycle ?

@ckeen @attac_hl

Yes, the best thing is not to produce any more hw unless it's really really needed.

Until we can fully recycle old HW, it will end up in a landfill and there are a lot of resources wasted.

If you cannot fix your HW that's OK. If you cannot hand it to someone who can repair it, because it's not designed to be repairable that's not ok.

We need a right to repair broken things, we need recycled HW and we need to ask ourselves whether we really need more HW at all.

It feel great to connect to like minded people.

I thought, I am one in few crazy about green world.

I've been making awareness to be simplistic and minimalist.

may be I start thinking to recycle. Though, I am not hard ware person, I've been doing everything in term of software to get old devices or problematic devices go by.

@ckeen @attac_hl

That's just fine. Maybe there's a hacker space in your area. Maybe you can find more like minded people locally.

Also repair cafes are a thing in europe now, where people can get their stuff fixed by other volunteers that know how.

Maybe it is time to get active in your community. It may take a while but you will find like minded people.

@ckeen @noorul I'm yet again overwhelmed by the possibility to have reasonable on Mastodon. You both are great, thanks!


Which is what I wanted.

You've one line statement and then a web link . I was what the heck.


You were brief to explain on your points.

I get many of your points. Please give little more clear on these.

I hope you want consumers to choose expensive devices over these cheap open hard ware

You sure a sbc can consumes 10 watts ?

Very first specification I look for electronic good is it's power consuming.

Good hear these details from a like minded person.

I don't have to see green person many on life


@noorul Yes, 10 Watt is in general too much for hardware like Olimex or Raspberry Pi which are 4-6W (much more or less is possible depending on your usage). But there are similar devices like the with higher power consumption.

@noorul We are a regional group of activists in Germany belonging to the international NGO "attac". We currently don't have our own IT infrastructure on a regional level, but instead use IT infrastructure as provided by our national mother organisation. Our activism is not about IT (but about fair and sustainable politics and economics), therefore IT affinity in the regional groups is not sufficient for our own IT infrastructure.

@noorul In addition to that, I personally, in my private life, don't use any sbc. I have a ThinkPad notebook from 2009, no smartphone.

@noorul I used to have a Motorola Photon Q with CyanogenMod/LineageOS but it broke at the end of 2015 and my attempts at repairing it failed. So I donated it to an active user in an Android forum who used the remaining hardware as spare parts. At that time, I became more and more upset by the smartphone market that (until today) forces users to upgrade their smartphone hardware waaay too frequently. So I refused buying a smartphone and it felt quite good - less distraction in life, y'know :)

So what mobile phone you use daily?

A featured phone?

Sorry your only device broken.

I got my Moto G5 plus gorilla screen glass broken and continue using it.

I am like of person to solve a solution rather than avoid the problem on some aspects.

Mobile devices are handy and I use for low power consummation.


@noorul Yes, a feature phone (Samsung C5212). It's the one I used before I bought a smartphone for the first time. It's a pretty modern feature phone though (released 2009). I use it for listening to music, phone calls and text messaging.

I bought my current laptop at mid 2015.

I had it 1 year onsite warranty and extended 2 years for onsite warranty.

I feel like it's old and I consider getting new config one.

I meant as old as 3 years. Config and performance is still good.

I do #3D animation rendering as well video editing along make tasks.

After today, my mind set is getting different direction...

I am imagining myself with out mobile device on laptop only.


Can't imagine to be true


@noorul As I said, I have been using my notebook for almost 10 years now and I don't see a reason, why I shouldn't use it for 10 more years. Can you imagine using one smartphone for 10 years? And that's the thing I hate about smartphones.

@freedomboxfndn I’m running LibreElec on an Odroid C2. I don’t actually have a FreedomBox server yet, but think I’d pick either the RockPro64 or new Odroid N2 because they have USB 3.0, hex-core CPUs, 2-4 gigs of RAM, and true gigabit Ethernet. That way, I can hopefully keep adding new apps without having to worry about running out of resources.

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