9 years ago this month, Eben Moglen delivered the oration that started it all: "Freedom in the Cloud."

This speech inspired the project. Part history of the web and part call to action, this speech continues to orient our community today. It's worth revisiting each year.



@freedomboxfndn here's the Spanish translation :)

(Nobody expects the Spanish translation!!)

@freedomboxfndn The speech itself is briljant and I draw inspiration from it almost on a daily basis.

The four Diaspora guys got their inspiration to create Diaspora from this event. In fact Max Salzberg and Ilya Zhitomirskiy were actually there when Eben Moglen delivered his speech on that Friday night in February.

@freedomboxfndn I think this talk changed a generation.
I think this talk inspired:
- social web w3c group
- indieweb
- activity pub
- unhosted
- myself to create

These are just the few projects I know where inpired by this talk! And yes, definitely worth to watch it again!

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