In the 1980's, personal computers displaced mainframes. It was a revolution.

Now, we need a new revolution: for personal servers to displace centralized servers.

How can we make this happen? Check out this presentation to learn.

📺WATCH: "Creating a Computing Revolution: from Personal Computers to Personal Servers - Danny Haidar, FOSDEM 2019"

Major shout-out to the @fosdem team for welcoming us and producing such high quality audio and video.

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One of the big hurdles to this seems to be ISPs. I can't even get a static IP without going to a commercial Internet plan that costs way too much


I hear that a lot. I think that, as decentralizing technology spreads, we'll run into hurdles related to ISPs and telecoms. These hurdles will even be unique to each user's provider and home country/region.

Figuring out how to solve these problems is a step in the movement. Some solutions may be technical, and some may be political. But we'll have to figure it out together.

I'm an optimist, so I'll keep pushing forward.

-Danny at the FreedomBox Foundation

@freedomboxfndn Sounds promising. But the problem is, I am in Germany. A high percentage of German internet-structure depends on smoke-signals.

@freedomboxfndn How would one get around ISP throttling? afaik they don't take kindly to individual customers hosting servers?

Now that you say about the 80s, one of the surprising characteristic of IBM PC is that the interconnects between the motherboard and other components are de-facto standards, and any manufacturer can produce any part (well, except for CPUs).
I find it hard to believe that IBM allowed this, yet somehow it did, and PCs were and still are very modular and standards-driven compared to your average electronic device.

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