In the 1980's, personal computers displaced mainframes. It was a revolution.

Now, we need a new revolution: for personal servers to displace centralized servers.

How can we make this happen? Check out this presentation to learn.

📺WATCH: "Creating a Computing Revolution: from Personal Computers to Personal Servers - Danny Haidar, FOSDEM 2019"

One of the big hurdles to this seems to be ISPs. I can't even get a static IP without going to a commercial Internet plan that costs way too much



I hear that a lot. I think that, as decentralizing technology spreads, we'll run into hurdles related to ISPs and telecoms. These hurdles will even be unique to each user's provider and home country/region.

Figuring out how to solve these problems is a step in the movement. Some solutions may be technical, and some may be political. But we'll have to figure it out together.

I'm an optimist, so I'll keep pushing forward.

-Danny at the FreedomBox Foundation

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