ICYMI: ZDNet published an exclusive story by veteran journalist Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols about the launch of the Pioneer Edition .

"We can, in short, rebuild the internet so that we, and not multi-billion dollar companies, are in charge," says Vaughan-Nichols.

Read the full article:

@freedomboxfndn I like this, *in principle*...

But set-and-forget, deploy-without-knowledge hosting your own services listening on the Internet sounds like a hacking nightmare waiting to happen... In two words, "DDoS", and "Shodan."

A FreedomBox, to the average user, is going to be like SaaS - they may have it running at home, but they'll expect FreedomBox Ltd/Inc/Etc to do the maintenance - it's "no knwoledge required," right...?

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