You've all heard that it is now possible to buy a from @olimex. But what if you want to test FreedomBox on a VM before buying?

Good news: a journalist has written excellent instructions for this.

READ: "How to run FreedomBox as a VirtualBox VM"

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Playing with it now, thanks for that! Might solve a problem I've been having.

Darn, actually went to your site to purchase the kit, but you don't take any of my cards. None of the USA distributors of your products seem to carry it. Guess I'll build a box from scratch and load one of your disk images... Really like the small form factor of it though.

@GoatsLive Thanks for the feedback.

Any issues with payment or the ordering process should be directed to Olimex (@olimex). Though we appreciate the feedback, the FreedomBox Foundation doesn't sell or distribute this product. Olimex does, and we encourage you to communicate with them.


Please also note that PayPal is an acceptable form of payment. So if your credit card is tied to your PayPal account, you can pay using PayPal as the intermediary.

@freedomboxfndn Thanks, I was not offered that at checkout, but I'll try again later. I have a bunch of Pi3's around the farm doing odd jobs, so I may just use your Pi image as I'm already a pro with the Pi

@dheadshot @freedomboxfndn
FreedomBox is a tool to easy maintain and administrate set of Open Source Software, targeting privacy. Everything is build on top of GNU/Debian Linux, so if FreedomBox developers decide NextCloud could be included and be part of pre-installed software packages in FreedomBox.

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