Buy it Now: Pioneer Edition FreedomBox by @olimex

For €82 ($92), you get:
-Computer: LIME2 single-board computer in a CUSTOM metal case
-Storage: 32 GB SD card with FreedomBox pre-installed
-Battery: backup battery which provides 4-5 hours of power
-Cables: ethernet and power cords


@freedomboxfndn @olimex I like it! I really consider to buy it to release RaspberryPi for experiments and Pioneer for production .

@freedomboxfndn @olimex interesting freedom box from Olimex, especially because it appears to be passively cooled, so it is suitable for a corner of the living room. Does the case still have room to attach some form of storage to the SATA connector?

@erlend @freedomboxfndn yes, A20-OLinuXino-LIME2 used in Freedombox has native SATA interface and power supply all you need is SATA-CABLE-SET and 2.5" HDD to attach (3.5" is also possible but require additional 12V which LIME2 will not provide and spoils the battery LiPo backup idea

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