@BlueMonkey South Korea?? OMG!!! Ok, but what youthink about I was told previously? About the strange coincidence with the release of the series about the epidemic of the deadly virus that came from China and the immediate start of the epidemic?

@BlueMonkey But I think this virus is not from bats, i think it was diversion to undermine the Chinese economy

Ok, i'll watch it later cause now I need to go

@desdinova Buddy, you need to be kinder and people will reach for you, and now you are grumbling. Why are you upset? Sorry,
if I offended you - I did not want this

I don't know, but only what I know, that Russia is China's neighbour and the epidemic stated instantly after ends of russain tv show, Epidemic (Эпидемия) about virus like . And in the and of that show
it became known that she came from China. And a week later I found out in the news about CORONA VIRUS. Strange? how you think?

@BlueMonkey In russian media talking is about 150k infected and 24,5k deaths, and that was 3 days ago

@desdinova @OviOne Ok, do what you want, but don't need to be so aggressive - easy. You are the second today who threatens me.
I don't like being threatened

@desdinova @OviOne
My name is Nikolay, Im from Lithuania. Playing online poker and i like sports betting. With what nickname i'm playing - I cannot tell you, About Mastadon.social i was found only today) I don't know, what to tell more:))))

@el_joa @desdinova
You can do what you want)) That is you decision. Your life - your choice


Oh dam..., but I think in China is too more deaths x1000 I think, and all media just scared from panic

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