using Glitch for the first time today. the simplicity is fantastic. removing all the setup make it so much easier to just get started instead of dreading all the initial project setup. thanks @anildash

I might be watching Golden Girls... and I might be liking it...

I wish to apologize for the late responses here again. We are a team of volunteers besides of @Gargron who deal with the support on this account.

There are other ways to get help though: If you are on another server than .social you can ask your own admin
Or use
or if you're an instance owner try

Cheers /

@nolan @trishussey (I'm a social media director, or was until this year. I know what's what.)

Things are moving quickly, so I'll ask again:

Anyone get Mastodon up on or ?

Oh! Mastodon has built-in Atom feeds for each user:


For example:

(via @dredmorbius)

@cc @frey I'd permaban you, but you're's star attraction.

I'm powerless.

Made a quick calculation for current number of users on Mastodon. Today it stands at - 102,206 users

Based on info from here: -

34,782 accounts
+577 in the last hour
+6,572 in the last day
+11,839 in the last week

@wilkie 3 app servers right now, 1 db server, 1 file storage server. I might need to spin up one more app server :thinking:

The instance is under extremely heavy load, I don't do tracking so I don't know where exactly people are coming from but I know there's been a few high profile mentions of Mastodon in media/on Twitter. If this keeps up I will scale up further (I know all the arguments about this instance growing too big in the federation, but if the internet is already at your doorstep, should you go down or scale up? Scale up imo)

@milan @milan hey milan! I'm thinking about starting an instance. What are your current server details? just trying to get an idea of what to start with. Thanks!

i wonder what the uptick in mastodon related domain name sales looks like lately??

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