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So many people follow me here, but I've never really written a proper . Time to change that!

Hey there, I'm Chris, but most friends call me 'muesli'. I'm a geek, a software developer, a maker, an opensource advocate and a tech enthusiast. I love programming and tinkering with things. I started almost three decades ago with Basic, and have learned & used Pascal, Assembly, C, C++, Java, PHP, JavaScript, Python, Rust, Go, and Lua (pretty much in that order) over all these years.


I'm using an external CD drive to restore backups from 2004 🤣

I'm a bit surprised this all still works just fine.

Amazon product description:

"Perfectly compatible, but may not work randomly"

Well, at least they're honest 🤣

The Fediverse is the place I go to when I need a break from the world. Which is 99% of the time.

Can someone please start making smartphones with integrated hardware keyboards again? Pretty please?

Ok, let's settle this once and for all. Today's a good a day as any 😄

Repeat after me:

"I'm not a Formula1 driver, I don't need a tacky racing chair. I promise to get a proper office chair with lumbar support and adjustable head & arm rests. I will save some money and will also look less ridiculous in front of my PC."

See, it wasn't that hard!

Whenever I hear something really interesting and profound:

"Oh, that's neat, that's something I shall remember! But since I keep forgetting such things all the time, I should probably take a note somewhere."

So I go get a pen and a paper and then I... already forgot what it was I wanted to remember.

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📦 Just released: 👄 Lip Gloss v0.2.1

This PR adds support for fancier borders, fixes some bugs, adds a helper function for measuring text blocks.

Sooo... 3D/VR180 cameras. Any experiences or recommendations?

Just pile bad memories on top of bad memories, and before you know it, you got a life.

Writing web frontends is tough for me.

I don't like HTML, I can't stand CSS, and I have rather mixed feelings about JavaScript 🤣

"Why Lichess will always be free"

This is our unbreakable promise to you, our users:

- Lichess will never have ads
- Lichess will never sell our user’s data
- Lichess will always be 100% free of charge


Wow. Eleven Table Tennis is by far the single most immersive VR experience I've had in my life.

It's nowhere near photo realistic, but all your actions and movements feel so natural and real, after 10 minutes you forget you're not really hitting a ball.

Great single player, amazing multi-player. I'm blown away by this thing 🥰

Watch this to get an idea of how good it actually is:

Don't you hate it when people use notification sounds in their videos?

I *always* start looking for the app that just made the sound, until I realize it's been part of the video I'm currently watching.

Logitech discontinuing the Harmony product line is the stupidest thing I've heard all week.

It's just sad because the remotes were really good and there aren't any alternatives on the market right now. I'm certainly not inviting Alexa into my home just to control a bunch of living room devices 😒

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