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No matter which social network you're on, following a diverse group of people helps you taking a peek at the other side of your personal filter bubble.

You don't have to agree with everything and everyone, but please, at least try to listen to people and their opinions.

It will help you appreciate your own life, and may just make you a little wiser.

Been struggling with my OctoPrint-connected 3D printer stuttering during prints recently.

Replaced the Raspi's power supply and now everything seems to be running smooth again!

Would have never guessed that, as it was quite the desperate attempt at fixing things, but I'm glad that helped ๐Ÿ˜†

Brian Cox:

"What more do you want?

The ingredients in our body were assembled in the hearts of long dead stars over billions of years... and have assembled themselves spontaneously into temporary structures that can think and feel and explore. And those structures will decay away at some point. And in a very far future there will be no structures left. So there we are, we exist in this very little window were we can observe this magnificent universe.

Why do you want any more?"

Love all the enthusiasm and passionate ideas you people have! Truly inspiring, keep 'em coming!

So, let's assume you had the chance to work on your own startup idea for one year with all your personal expenses covered... what would you work on?

Bought a new drive to replace the disk I just lost... and guess what: DOA - dead on arrival.

My luck with new hardware knows no boundaries.

First casualty of the summer heat: an 8TB disk died on me today :blobugh:

Closes tab to finally start focusing on some work. Opens a new tab, types redd... GOD DAMN IT.

It's so hot right now, every time I go to the fridge to pour me a glass of iced tea, I end up drinking it on the way back to the desk... just to sit here again with an empty glass ๐Ÿ˜‚

Multiple TCP-based remote denial of service issues found in Linux and FreeBSD kernels:

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That one time when I almost killed a guy with a drone, but then somehow didn't, and the laser-cut wooden trophy I got for it ๐Ÿ˜‚

Reads: "Award for safety in model making"

Finding good 9V rechargeable batteries is still surprisingly hard.

Trying out this Li-ion block, which can be charged via USB (which is neat!) and promises a capacity of 650mAh. I still have my doubts, but we'll see.

I think today marks the day I've received my first ever racist & homophobic reply on the fediverse.

On the one hand it's impressive it actually took more than a year for it to happen, on the other hand it's just mind-blowing what fucked-up reactions a simple photo of a pink park bench can provoke in some people. ๐Ÿ™„

I love sitting inside with the windows open and watching big, heavy raindrops pattering down on the rooftops of the neighborhood.

Watch the Flight Simulator announcement trailer! They're apparently using satellite imagery, and indeed it almost looks life-like:

So there's a new Microsoft Flight Simulator and it looks absolutely stunning...

That's just sad...

Maker Media is no more. After 15 years, the company behind Make Magazine and Maker Faire has closed its door:

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