OH: "Well, so far the infinite monkey theorem is just giving us an infinite number of JavaScript frameworks, and no Shakespeare"

@fribbledom Ahh, I seem to remember that there was another part of/to that theorectical scheme....Infinite Time.🤔 So, Shakespeare may take a while yet I guess. 😎

The whole "the screen is a document" approach had turned web development upside down.

I don't want a document, dammit, I want a F*ing screen that I can split! I want ready to use widgets! Buttons, trees, sortable tables!

The desktop application needs to come back.

@rick_777 @fribbledom it is back. It's just that it is called "Electron" now, and it's a javascript framework.

@AskChip I had to look it up just now, but yes, I have heard of it 😂


Now what, I wonder, is the relative size of the corpus of Shakespeare and the sizes of these frameworks.

What can one say about the comparison of their essential complexities?

And we can only wonder about their durability. Will some deathless intelligence incorporate a javascript framework into its engines of cognition, in the style of Skynet or Dial F for Frankenstein?


On checking, the Bard's complete work, in old-fashioned 8 bit bytes, is under ten megabytes in size (Project Gutenberg), which is lots bigger than most javascript frameworks.

The monkeys would do well to fully enumerate all of the shorter works before they get started on the longer stuff. Publishers like to see progress in a hurry.

You have to get your elevator pitches and short sketches done early, so that it's easier to get advances for your longer works of simian gibberish.

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