I'm probably preaching to the choir here, but there absolutely _needs_ to be a federated version of GitHub/GitLab.

Let me host my projects' critical infrastructure (issue tracker, PRs, private repos etc) on my own servers, while also being able to interact and socialize with the rest of the open source world.

I'll keep saying this until someone builds it - I would do it myself if I had enough time on my hands right now.

@fribbledom i wish fossil was used more, which can do a lot of this.
@mrhmouse @fribbledom well, git already 'federates', but fossil also contains bug tracking and a wiki
@jeff @mrhmouse @fribbledom you're talking to one of the people busy with reinventing usenet but worse
@fribbledom I think there has been some talks of Activity Pub integration over at gitlab. I don't how much progress they made since then.

@rysiek @fribbledom
That ForgeFed thing seems to have fizzled, badly.
Their approach of a select few members mailing list with also rather weird handling of external input was quite offputting. Seems those are not the fedi-droids we're looking for.
Otherwise I agree, a federated project-infra system including DVCS is one of today's holy grails.

@fribbledom GitLab IS self-hosted and open-source. It's not federated in the sense that you can link accounts across GitLab instances, but self-hosted is still definitely a thing.

@deskitty Sure, and I'm running my own gitea and GitLab instances. But the federated issues and PRs are the criticial point I try to make.

@fribbledom @deskitty if we could log in to one Gittea/GitLab instance from another that would probably solve a lot of the problems I have had with there being decentralised servers.

@fribbledom The idea being "make the code available, but keep the toxicity out?"

Isn't that already possible with Git, or am I missing something?

@arkedos @fribbledom

I'm no coder, but my cousin said exactly this. GitHub and GitLab just provide some major accessibility.

@arkedos Git itself is decentral, yes. But the issue trackers, PRs, feeds and discussions aren't.

@fribbledom I haven't used it, but Gitea seems to fit some of that void.

I assume you've seen it, but I want people who may jump into this thread to know about it:

@cooler_ranch I'm running gitea myself. Love it, but unless I've missed some big announcement or release, it's not federated though.

@fribbledom Understood. I don't think it's federated, but you would know better than I do :blobowo:

@fribbledom might end up being something like that. Not federated, but simply offers a web UI on top of email and patches, so presumably you'd be able to send patches across "instances" as easily as email.

@fribbledom I feel that much of it is effectively federated already (I run a private Gitlab repo for my publishing company).

Having commenting/voting/following issues would be awesome and I think at least Gitlab has the potential of doing that reasonably.

Discovery is always the hardest bit, but I think there are a few efforts toward link aggregation in ActivityPub, which might tie into that.

@fribbledom lol, and let these independent hosts manage their own flavor of quality control, features, etc?

muesli, please... 👈😁🇺🇸

@fribbledom Fossil is a good candidate. It's federated (though it follows a somewhat different collaboration paradigm than git). It's written by the authors of SQLite and used for SQLite development. And stores all the info using SQLite!

A good summary:

Here's an example repo of mine:

@fribbledom you can self host Gitlab. It’s fully open source too so maybe adding a federation aspect to it could be relatively easy.

@hankg I'm already running my own gitea & GitLab instances and love the service they offer. But frankly I have my doubts that federation could easily be integrated in GitLab. gitea might be better suited for that.

@fribbledom haven’t used it so don’t know. Haven’t looked at code for Gitlab so don’t know how hard it is either. May be worth exploring for them to help overcome network effect advantage GitHub has...

@fribbledom it'd also ideally pull any submodule dependancies to your local instance too, so if others go away your projects still live.

@fribbledom I worry about this a lot. For any organisation with internal GitHub/gitlab I effectively manually do this to ensure I can build even if the network goes away.

@fribbledom Isn’t Git, being decentralized, kind of federated by default? There’s no pretty UI to it, but you could push your changes to your own private server, and push them to a public remote server for PRs, comments, etc. PRs that go in publicly can be pulled into your private server. Given every working copy has the full history, it can be moved anywhere.

@gabek Oh, of course. You're missing the critical point though: federated issues, pull requests, feeds and discussions.

Yes. Someone did this. I'll find it in a couple hours. Just need ☕ first

@fribbledom gitlab's free hosting tier used to have something crude but close enough - users could create threads in a repo's issue tracker using email, no signup required. They took that feature away a few weeks back.

@fribbledom Building a federated GitHub sounds like something @Are0h might be into, or might know people who would be.

@chartier @fribbledom @Are0h I'd need to refresh my PHP knowledge but I'd be interested in helping.

@chartier @fribbledom I use Gitea currently and it's been really good. It might be worthwhile to take a look at that and make a fork that includes federation...

@fribbledom the last sentence is pretty much all of my ideas in a nutshell lol

@fribbledom well I do know that you can host your own gitlab instance, but that's not quite the same.

@fribbledom @wakest there was some spec activity during the summer from a few different groups, but they died down 😞 would want this so bad as well. But no time to help.

@fribbledom I'm not even a coder, and I agree.
I hate it when I can't even subscribe to issues via RSS.

@fribbledom git's model *is* decentralized by nature, so that doesn't sound like too much of a stretch

@fribbledom I'd love to have Gitea be able to federate accounts.

@fribbledom There is a number of issues on related to that. This one is fairly recent:

... and this one lists quite a few related issues:

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