Yesterday I posted about federated GitHub-like experiences, and a lot of you responded mentioning

Today, Drew DeVault announced their public alpha:



You're right, of course. Sorry if my toot implied that, I didn't mean it to. However it's still a noteworthy coincidence and probably a piece of software worth checking out.

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I'd say a large part of it actually is federated. is federated because email is.

And to contribute to a project hosted on, you don't need to have an account on the same instance that the project is hosted on, unless someone wants to grant you direct commit rights.

Not sure if has support for submitting tickets by email, so I think this one may need some work.

man, builds, and dispatch don't need federation at all.

@sphinxc0re @fribbledom

I'm not saying email and git clone are all that's needed for a federated forge, but that all that's needed can be built on top of them + maybe some oauth, and is on the right path.

Gonna be real here.

Hard not to misread that URL and pronounce it in my head as "Shart"

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