It's a fact and everybody knows it:

X is the coolest letter in the entire alphabet.


V might be the best letter, but not the coolest 😂

Come to think of it, maybe Y is even better.


Y? Y are u even askin!

Y is a letter, a word and a fully formed question!

Oh, and it's the first letter of my girlfriend's name - so I'm obviously biased 😉


"Yo bitch" is not a name and you should know not to call your girlfriend such a thing!

heh heh #sassy


I would never call her (or anyone else, for that matter) that. I think she's got a rather beautiful name, and I'd much rather use that 😊

I googled Michele Seven today as well as names of other relatives of mine who have the last name "Seven". I cracked up at the number of people who have adopted the name as if cool is something you can dress yourself in like a costume instead of something you earn. My daughter is named Aziza and I thought Z7 was the coolest stage name. She hates me right now so opted for her wife's name. Ugh! I hate it when people yearn for mediocrity. She knows it and is punishing me Lol

@fribbledom No, the coolest letter is C because Cicada starts with C. :D

@fribbledom This is why my gamer tag is RavenX. I mean, take any word and add an X, and it's automatically 10X cooler.

@deafferret @fribbledom I once knew somebody with the middle name “X” and I thought that was the best thing ever.

@gabek @fribbledom If I ever adopt their middle name will be changed to "SQLInjectionAttack"

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