So... tumblr changes its policy and the fediverse goes crazy? 😂

Hello to all my new followers! Migrating over from tumblr? Say hello!

@fribbledom It seems that the mainstream social media sites are determined to see Mastodon grow. 😀


While a social network living in its own niche certainly has its advantages, I for one welcome any paradigm shift towards open & federated networks for the masses.

If that means mainstream media has to fuck it up completely first, then so be it 😆

@fribbledom i know whats happened but im out the loop. Have many people migrated?

@teko Yeah, just looking at the federated timeline, a lot of people seem to migrate tonight.

@fribbledom the more the merrier at least, at least something good came about this

@teko I agree! Open, federated networks for the masses.

@fribbledom hey hey! found out about mastodon a while ago, very interested in the fediverse in general.

Cool! Would you like some pointers to historical background and the like?

@clacke yes please!! if its possible, i'd prefer tips or articles for beginners; if not, anything's good! thank you so much!!!

Here's an interview from 10 years ago with Evan Prodromou about his new and cool federated microblogging system, which used the OpenMicroBlogging protocol. The next year, 2009, the protocol would be completely replaced with the new OStatus protocol, which would survive with minor modifications until today.

Mastodon used OStatus originally, as did Pleroma, and they still support it, but today they prefer to speak ActivityPub with each other, another protocol based on Prodromou's work, evolved with the help of many others, not the least of which @cwebber . Many of the new Fediverse servers, like Misskey, speak only ActivityPub.…

Here's a whimsical but mostly accurate overview of Fediverse history from until just before ActivityPub took over, mostly focusing on later history, by the inimitable Robek World:…

@clacke ooh! that's a healthy lot of information to get started looking up on, and i really appreciate the whimsical addition too! i'll look into it when im (hopefully) less busy, but thank you so much; all of it sounds really interesting and i can't wait to learn about it!!!


Here a slightly more recent overview, less about the history and more about the landscape, and a bit more focused. It's still from just before ActivityPub took over. It talks about ActivityPub as the future, but the future is generally here now, and several of the pieces of software mentioned are today running ActivityPub as their primary protocol.…

/by @deadsuperhero

Recent interviews, from just a few weeks or months back, with Eugen Rochko (gargron) of Mastodon(0) and Hypolite Petovan (hypolite) of Friendica(1):


Friendica is an old-timer from 2010, as far as I'm aware the oldest Fediverse implementation after Prodromou's that still maintains a presence, and it's the one I'm on -- runs Friendica.
@sentiniel That's quite a bit of stuff for you to chew on, I think, so I'll stop there. 😀

Feel free to come back with any questions you have while digging into this!

I don't know everything about the Fediverse, in particular I think I lack knowledge of many of the details of subcultures and major events on the various Mastodon instances in the last two years, but I've been on the Fediverse since October 2008 and have seen people and software come and go, so I think I have a pretty good grip on both the culture and software aspects overall.

@clacke That's alright! I think it's quite insightful and comprehensive of a list of information you got there as it is; thank you very much for the links! I'll definitely drop in with questions if I'm uncertain with anything!!
' u')7!!!

@muesli @Sushinfood The #fediverse is turning to be an asylum and/or refugee goto place

@fribbledom Hello! I'm a tumblr exodus person. Really it feels like a blessing in disguise to start from scratch!

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