Microsoft may ditch Edge and build a browser based on Chromium's engine.

That seems to make all kinds of sense to me.

"Project Anaheim" -

@fribbledom or instead of making a browser, just have chrome/firefox included in windows. Saves them time and money.


They'd probably have to pay for licensing and also they'd be unable to integrate it with the operating system if they just had vanilla

This is probably the most easiest way forward for them

@Anke @fribbledom I hope so! I can see that this makes sense for MS, they're expending a lot of effort on software nobody uses. On the other hand, it leaves Mozilla as the only holdout in a Blink-dominated browser landscape.

@fribbledom While it might make sense for them, I see this as sad news.

I feel invested in browser diversity, and as such this is a loss.

@alcinnz @fribbledom I agree, the loss of a player is bad for the web, and more power for the big G.

@fribbledom references in that article to "Chromium, a rendering engine" are rather annoying. But I'll try not to think about that. 🙈

@fribbledom If so, good riddance. I don't know that Edge ever stood a chance of being competitive in the browser market as it was.

@fribbledom Lol from a technical point of view the person who wrote this artical is talking out their ass. #Chromium isn't a rendering engine. But it makes sense from a buisness standpoint. I hate to see another broweser go. Soon #Mozilla will be the only ones competing with #google and THAT is bad.


"Microsoft may ditch Edge"
there are a lot of questions i have about this, but they probably have taken them into consideration and i suppose that works for th-

"and build a browser based on Chromium's engine."
oh no

@muesli @rpcutts They should have chosen Gecko, much better than Blink / WebKit, which is probably what they're after since they're slow in keeping up with the times with their very own.

Maybe they're going to take advantage of the existing bundled software itself in Chromium nd rebrand it, which is not possible for Firefox's License? (Not familiar on the frontend of things.) Unless it was political — Firefox came out of Netscape; while Chromium is technically Google-influenced.

@fribbledom great, we’re back to the late 90s and browser monoculture 🤮

Bad news : Loss of browser diversity, more power for Google

@fribbledom This sounds like a nontechnical person smashed together rumors and half-facts.

A) We already know why Microsoft is contributing to Chromium: Chrome on ARM
B) Another Blink-based browser is bad for the web / browser diversity
C) It doesn't really make sense for Microsoft to drop EdgeHTML because it's keeping web standards strong, even if it has relatively low usage
D) It doesn't really make sense for Microsoft to drop EdgeHTML because it powers a lot of other Windows apps

@fribbledom You know what would make more sense of the article? EdgeHTML has been talking about going open source and cross platform for YEARS. Maybe they are finally doing it and making an Edge for macOS and Linux? That could make sense of the technical issue in the article: Could be they are hosting EdgeHTML inside Chromium for cross platform Edge?

@fribbledom Seeing some new rumors from more likely sources that this project codename is actually in reference to Microsoft replacing Electron on Windows with new platform service, and that makes a whole lot more sense than that they are dropping Edge.

@fribbledom That's actually not a very good thing. Monopolies are never a good thing, and Google will have a pretty nice monopoly over browser engine market. I mean they have this already, but MS ditching Presto/Edge completely will just give Google more strength. Mozilla seems to be our last hope, yet again.

The Verge also reported it. Microsoft is indeed moving to Blink; and Chromium is the new "IE6". We need more Quantum powered browsers not Blink. 😐

@muesli @rpcutts @Arthur Lutz @matus @Max @antekone

@ayane all true. But from what I hear we also need quantum to be a lot less trash.

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