The first truly intelligent machine may be humanity's last invention (they need to make).

@fribbledom I doubt we will ever see a truly intelligent machine, in the fullest sense of the word "intelligent" as applied to human beings. Intelligence is just too vast.

@dragfyre @fribbledom Yeah, it really seems like the first 90% was exponentially easier than the last 10%. Turing may have been wrong after all :P

@dragfyre @fribbledom There is already an existence proof for intelligent machines--us. What evolution can do, humans can do. But faster.

@dragfyre @fribbledom 100G neurons and 150T synapses. It is a lot.. Think each synapse also has ~10k outputs..

Hmm that does sound like quite a lot. Not clear how much are needed, though.

Humans are in a sense machines too, though. No doubt at all human minds will be surpassed to say the least. By many orders of magnitude, potentially. Probably not in our lifetimes, or even originating from our civilization..

@fribbledom have you read Life 3.0? If you’re into artificial general intelligence, it’s amazing.

@fribbledom counterpoint: humans are inherently driven to create things and would continue inventing weird stuff even if they didn't need to make things for practical purposes anymore


I agree, but don't see it as a counterpoint, really. Those are inventions we _want_ to make, don't need to make.

For the same reasons I imagine art and music will probably remain in the human domain for the most part.

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