Don't live each day as if it were your last - live each day as curious and excited as if it were your first.

@fribbledom I mean... babies do nothing but scream eat poop and sleep their 1st day on earth but ok


Heh, you don't have to imagine being a baby. It's enough to imagine it's your first day on this planet.

That being said, I'd love to experience the world as I did as a little kid, just once more.

@fribbledom Technically though, you know for certain that it isn't your first, whereas you have no guarantees that it *won't* be your last.

Therefore, risk management analysis favours the original approach.

Excuse me now, I'm off to rob a bank, in case I don't get the chance tomorrow.

@61 @fribbledom so are you going to work as a risk management consultant for a bank?

I think that's related to robbing, but with less guns and less running around.

I'd rather associate "the first day" with frustration and tiredness; but, yep, the change of perspective, shifting the attention from being at the end of something to being at the beginning of something else, may actually be helpful.

@fribbledom my first day? Then i can take a rest and be productive tomorrow...

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