Now, unlike all the other retro mini consoles that recently started flooding the market, a fully functional Game Boy Mini is actually something I'd be interested in. Make it happen, Nintendo!

My eyes would probably hate it, though 😂

@fribbledom You mean like a gameboy like device that has a library preloaded into it kinda? Nintendo hasn't made one but there actually are really high quality versions of basically THAT on the market, with the option to load up ROMs onto an SD or something


Yeah, I essentially want a 1/4 size Game Boy in the original style. I'm not sure that'd still be playable or healthy for my eyes, but good god, it'd be so cute!

@swearengen @fribbledom Basically functions as a GB, GBC, GBA, AND general emulator for NES, SNES, Mega Drive, etc


No, no, it needs to be in the original Game Boy style and proportions, just at 1/4th the size. I already got a Micro ;-)


@fribbledom I was actually looking at my SNES Classic a few minutes ago. As soon as my midterms are over...

@fribbledom I'm in too XD. But with better screen pls, my eyes are not like they used to be.

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