Apparently someone managed to call Amazon's support, tricked and convinced them into changing my account's email, ordered something, and eventually proceeded to delete my entire account.

Now Amazon's support refuses to help me for data protection reasons 😂

Looks like it's enough to know someone's address to hijack their account.


Update: support refuses to help me via email, because they need me to call and confirm my postal address to prove my identity.

They don't even seem to realize this is exactly where the entire dilemma started 😩

Also I simply don't know the postal address the hijacker changed my account to.

Last but not least, they can't help because the account is now deleted. They sure do seem to still store a whole lot of data associated with it still, though.

@fribbledom Sounds very shitty 😟 You're probably better off just opening a new account, if you still have some gusto for it.
@fribbledom Can't you simply use switzerland's GPDR equivalent to ask for all data they have about you? :)
@fribbledom on the other hand, they can say it has been deleted and the answer would be only your calls to support you just did...

@ckeen Probably not, because I can't prove my identity to them. They seem to ask me for the postal address the hijacker entered.

@fribbledom email bezos and you're ok!!! ahahaha that's shitty on so many levels, amazon really sucks

@fribbledom Egh, Amazon support.. if you keep drilling down, you may eventually find someone actually understands the issue.

(I had a terrible time trying to point out I'd like packages for me left only at *this* address, not a neighbor)

@fribbledom I hope you are in the UK and can flag that to the ICO.

If you are in europe your local data agency should be able to help.

Thats clearly a data breach and amazon will comply to the investigation if the ICO is involved.

@fribbledom hmm didn't Amazon offer 2FA? I had thought it would be overkill, but now i'm seriously considering it 🤔

@fribbledom @aslmx But still questionable if that helps to be protected against such obvious support process flaws ...


‘And he says "Your password has been sent to your e-mail address"
I'm like: I can't get in my e-mail address!
What about "can't get in my e-mail address" do you not understand’

Body Count - Institutionalized 2014

@fribbledom Ouch! "Call and confirm your postal address"? As if that's as secret as your password?

It sounds like a good thing (relatively speaking) that Amazon deleted your account. At least the thief can't run up more charges on you. But how stupid can big companies be?

@fribbledom If you can confirm your real address they should still be able to check that it was the old address on the account before it was attacked.


This might help me right now, but I feel like that's just making the problem even worse:

It's bad enough they accept my current address as a valid form of authentication, but now even all my previous addresses suffice, too?!

@fribbledom I'm betting the attacker had something more than your address - perhaps date of birth (hmm cake...)? Maybe an order number/item? Still, you can't expect Amazon to fix their screwup without some proof of something!

@penguin42 I'm happy to prove my identity to them, but they're not even accepting a proper form of identification.

Instead they ask me questions only the hijacker would be able to answer at this point.

Heck, even an email to the original address would suffice to prove it... you know, like virtually every other service handles such situations.

@fribbledom @penguin42

Likely: they are comparing your address history to what they have.

@fribbledom I'm now very happy that I recently turned on 2FA with Amazon.

I wish I had useful advice to offer, but dealing with them is always "interesting."

@fribbledom Write a detailed blog post of rants and submit it to Hacker News, if it ever hits the front page you issue will be resolved soon. :doge: It seems to be one of the few effective ways to deal with companies from the Silicon Valley...

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