An 11y old looking over my shoulder, staring at my screen while I'm working... suddenly: "WOAH, WHAT'S THAT?!"

Apparently kids find nothing on a desktop more exciting than a dark terminal window 😂

@fribbledom Apparently adults freak out if you have one open in public, especially if you're using a quirky RasPi case. Because only hackers use terminal windows.

Public transport. A person with long hairs and glasses, dressed in dark informal clothes, entering obscure codes on the smartphone and appearing busy…
— Stranger: What's that?
— Person: Oh, it's just a sources opened in Emacs running on a VPS to which I've connected over SSH to edit some SQL…


Am I right in assuming this ended in a fist-fight over what is better, vim or emacs?


I remember being like 8 and accidentally opening the terminal on windows 98 and freaking out that I was doing something wrong bc it was this almost black hole in the middle of the colorful gui...

I would just close it and pretend it didnt happen

and now I use terminals pretty frequently :blobdab:

@fribbledom Well, consider you kinda do liook like a stereotypical movie hacker (minus the cute leading man/lady hanging off your shoulder (maybe). XD

@fribbledom That's why I make my terminal white background when I want to hide my true powers

@fribbledom I would bet that a text only window given over to a single purpose, without interstitial video, rollover ads, or taboola boxes is a novelty to an 11yo these days.

Computing doesn’t look like it did when you and I grew up.

@fribbledom At least add a bit of nmap or scrolling code like in the movies. :D

@fribbledom I'm surprised the kid didn't associate it with typing commands in Minecraft. :-)

@tursiops I think he's too young to even know the Matrix 😆

@fribbledom well then it's magic! But too bad because everyone should know it I love it

@fribbledom you should've shown terminal to the kind when they were 4yo :P

@fribbledom to be fair I still get a little “ooh, what’s going on there” excitement when I see a terminal open on someone else’s computer.

@fribbledom I myself was very excited at a program someone used to design motherboards as a child

It's because they only ever see terminals in films when computers are being "hacked"...

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