I bought a new side cutter, because I lost my old one. You literally need a side cutter to open its hard-plastic packaging 😡

Who designed that shit?!

That's a Proof of Work for the Sidecutterchain

@fribbledom So, to clarify:
You need a side cutter to be able to use the new side cutter?

@fribbledom The stupidity here is dizzying.

I hope the people behind this design lose all their side cutters and get hoisted by their own petard.

@fribbledom You may only join the sidecutter fellowship if admitted by an existing sidecutter fellow

@fribbledom One of the Christmas presents given to one of the boys included instructions for removing the toy from the box. We have finally reached peak packaging.

@fribbledom but if you didnt need them to open them, you could just steal them /s

@fribbledom Just use the fixed point combinator! 😁

I hope you managed to crack the packaging open.


Yeah, I took the image after I cracked the packaging open. It was a huge pita... you know, without a side cutter.

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