Careful, 3D printing is an absolutely addictive hobby. To see a string of plastic melt into (pretty much) whatever shape you please feels unbelievably satisfying and is mesmerizing to observe.

@fribbledom seeing it melt into a useless mass of plastic hairs because the base didn't stick to the platform is another feeling entirely

@fribbledom I so want to get one when my nephew gets older. I know there are some pretty decent kid safe models and it would be so fun for him to learn how it works

@fribbledom I would love to tinker with one. Been tempted to buy a kit to put one together, but I need some serious learning time for it I think.

Plus I am not sure what I would make immediately. Thingiverse has so many neat toys.

@fribbledom I find that rebuilding my 3d printer brings me peace, like making origami or watercolor painting.

On the downside it a huge time sink, be that -- printing objects, designing or tweaking printers.

@fribbledom nice to see you getting the hang of this. Are you working on glass or on that magic-nano-glass-stuff now?


This is still on regular glass. The ultrabase is still coated with an adhesive layer, which I can hopefully remove somehow. I don't really like the idea of gluing those parts together.


And now I've switched to the ultrabase. It's not a total game-changer, but yeah, it's pretty amazing indeed. This sticks better than any surface I've ever printed on and pops right off once it cools down to ~30 degrees 😊

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