Dance like nobody's watching, but write code like Linus himself will be reviewing it...

@fribbledom no! Make code a free art form, at least on first draft


Oh sure, I'm all for code as a form of art. But there's a difference between creating art and working on a productive system people depend on 😆

@fribbledom @rekh127 It's all art, but it's a unique art: abstract and utilitarian at the same time. A good coder creates code that does the job and is elegant and readable. It's like architecture, except that the beautiful structure can only be seen with the mind's eye. I, seriously, spend a significant part of my coding thinking about *spaces*.

@fribbledom That went out the window a long time ago; I write mostly C++.


Oh, I'm sure Linus would come up with some remarks about your C++ 😂

@fribbledom I don't see how long block-commented harangues about professionalism, gender relations, and the fatal failure of the BDFL model would actually improve my application...

@Nentuaby @fribbledom You won't see any of that in my code. To me, coding is sort of like architecture, and adding stuff like that would be like ornamenting the walls of the Sistine chapel with paintings of toilets..

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