Meet Mr. Carabiner and his daughter, little Carabine.

Straight from the 3D printer and working beautifully!


Yeah, pretty standard PLA. Supposedly handles a load of up to 35kg with 50% infill. Always depends a bit on the material, of course.

@fribbledom @bokehled Nice! Going with 80% infill the thing should be quite heavy duty. I'd rivet the closing part though.

@fribbledom can this thing actually take real world stress ? (Ie can you use it to climb a 50 m wall in case of fall?)


No, it's not gonna support your body weight. It will handle loads up to 35kg though.


#Climbing carabiniers are rated to 23-33 kN longitudinal force with gate closed, 8-10 kN with gate open and 8-10 kN transversal force.

The force exerted on a fall depends, inter alia, on the fall distance and the length of rope paid out, this is known as the fall factor.

Lastly, you are very unlikely to have a 50 m fall as most ropes are 50-70 m in length, giving you a worst-case fall of ~30 m unless you're horseplaying.


@fribbledom does it contain a spring that keeps it from opening on its own?


You print it in two parts, the spring-lock one into the other.

Unlike ABS, PLA is fairly flexible and stretches a lot before it tears apart or crumbles.

@fribbledom Um. Holy.
They look good...
Do I want to trust my life to them?
Maybe I'm just squeamish.

@fribbledom sweet carabine, da da daaa, good times never seemed so good

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