I'm just curious: take a look at your computer right now. How many USB devices do you currently have plugged in? How many ports do you wish you had?

I'll start: I've got 9 devices plugged in, spread across 3 hubs:

- keyboard
- external disk
- mobile phone
- bluetooth adapter
- webcam
- Yubikey
- SD card reader
- Griffin PowerMate
- Arduino SoC

@fribbledom Damn! I only have 2 ports, and I only use 2 ports. On my laptop. I don't have a desk so using a hub is probably not going to happen for me.

@fribbledom Keyboard, mouse, phone ! This isn't hard ! :D

@fribbledom I have zero (chromebook). I wish I had one 😜

@fribbledom wtf, so many used ports

mine is mostly just 3 devices: mouse,keyboard (I could use PS/2 but it glitches sometimes) and Wacom tablet.

Sometimes I plug in a pendrive or SD reader if needed.


- Audio interface
- Trackball
- Gamepad
- MIDI controller

1 hub is used.

- Mouse
- Keyboard
- WiFi Tethering
- Gamepad
- Webcam
- Wacom
I felt like its more


got two plugged in, would be three with the external hdd


- usb-c to usb 3.1 dock
- vtx video capture
- small led light
- usb3.0 4 port hub for $randomfoo
- monitor (usb switch shared with desktop pc)
- mouse
- keyboard
- usb audio interface
- smartphone

@fribbledom Two ports on my laptop, one used by a monitor which works as a hub for mouse/keyboard, the other free for YubiKey and phone.

I've got 9 plugged in right now.
- Keyboards (3)
- Mouse (1)
- Monitor (1)
- DAC for my headphones (1)
- Microphone (1)
- Controller (1)
- RGB Strip (1, yes, I like subtle lighting)

@fribbledom Oh, and an external hard drive. But that's not always attached.


Wow, what are you doing with three keyboards? Which models?

@fribbledom Anne Pro and Das Keyboard Model S. The Das acts as a USB hub aswell, it has two ports on the side but needs extra power for that. That way it doesn't take up any real USB slots.

@fribbledom I have a wireless mouse plugged in, for when I want to game, other than that nothing. I'm using a laptop.

Bluetooth adapter
Xbox controller
also a DDR pad usually but not right now


Darn, I forgot my gamepad, too! So make that 10 devices for me 😆

@fribbledom On my workstation at home, mouse and keyboard and USB <-> serial adapter.

@fribbledom Keyboard, mouse (trackerball thingie), bluetooth adapter, wireless adapter

external disk
wifi chip
webcams (2)
USB key


- keyboard
- mouse
- microphone
- game controller
- yubikey

currently just the on-board USB hub

originally: 10 ports (8 usb 3.0 + 2 usb 2.0)

actually :
* keyboard with extra usb port
* mouse
* external drives (3)
* usb hubs (2)
* memory stick
* web cams (2 when voip or streaming/0 when idle)
* wacom drawing tablet
* data cable to my old phone
* data cable to my new phone
* memory card reader

i guess it is time to invest in a nas to free up some ports...

-3Dconnexion space mouse (For CAD work)
-3shape 3d scanner (Dental CAD equipment)
-3shape license dongle
-iPhone (currently charging)

I use 7-11 depending. I recently incorporated a 7 port hub to make it easier to wire

Bluetooth adapter
Two ports for my keyboard
Mouse pad (MOAR RGB)

Regularly Plugged and Unplugged:
Drawing Tablet
Xbox Controller
MIDI Controller
WMR Headset

- Bluetooth controller
- Touch panel that doesn't work
- Nothing

Available external ports:
- 3x 1.1/2.0 (integrated)
- 2x 1.1/2.0/3.0 (expansion card)
- 1x 1.1/2.0 (pinned out on dock connector, not normally useful)

How many I wish I had:
This number is good. The most things I ever need plugged in at once would be a flash drive, a mouse, and some other device (serial debug cable, printer, camera, etc).

Oldschool - 4 ports, 2 in use: cabled mouse and keyboard...90s f*** yeah 😅


- split mechanical keyboard
- trackpad (I don't care if it's wireless, if it's not plugged in I'll forget to charge it)
- 10-port USB-3 hub
- micro-USB cable for charging headset
- ten-key
- micro-USB cable for wand scanner I've yet to make work at all
- KVM across four computers
- standard USB keyboard
- mouse
- 3-port USB hub with ethernet port

@fribbledom Hmm, I have 3 ports on my laptop (and probably a few dozens on my docking station).

I use only one (for my wireless mouse) but I‘d use another one for my keyboard - if my boss would finally buy me one.

Every now and then I connect an usb-stick or a phone, maybe twice a year. So 4 ports would be more than enough.

@fribbledom Going by memory:
USB stick on a port in the case
On a hub with individually switchable ports:
Scanner (off)
Dongle for keyboard and mouse
Bluetooth dongle (possibly off)
Headphones (off)
Pen tablet
Printer (off)

I don't think I need more at the moment.

- Keyboard
- Mouse
- external 6TB USB drive
- external DVD-RW drive
- Xbox One controller
- unused USB cable (for quick connecting my phone)
- USB Wifi adapter

It's a laptop, so there's lots of internal stuff that's technically USB, but physically:
* USB-C dongle, which has:
** Ethernet cable
** HDMI cable to Monitor
** USB-A hub, which has:
*** Keyboard
*** USB headset
*** Wacom tablet
and a Lightning cable that's not plugged into one of the two currently-empty USB-A ports at this instant, but likely will be later this afternoon.

I'm pretty OK with this port count; maybe a 2nd USB-C port with power delivery would be nice?

-mouse (hub in keyboard)
-2tb external drive
-mobile phone
-Card reader
Have 6 USB2 ports and 4 USB3 on the motherboard.

@fribbledom At work: keyboard, trackball, mouse (for other people at my computer), headset, phone when charging.


9 devices

- keyboard
- mouse
- SD card adapter
- Midi keyboard
- USB license dongle
- Zune dock
- Jog
- 2 external hard drives

@fribbledom I sit in fromt of a docked laptop and have:

- keyboard
- mouse
- phone charging cable

plugged in. I regularly need another port for a pen drive. The dock currently has 2 free ports and my notebook another two. So I'm totally fine with what I have.

@fribbledom using three slots:

- two external monitors
- one charging cable

@fribbledom Mouse and bluetooth headset. But this is just my work laptop. I do have USB power sockets at my desk though that are charging my phone and tablet as well.


Xbox controller
Charging cable for Garmin watch

I've never had the issue of running out of USB ports, well only on an old ThinkPad and the problem there is the ports are too close together so it blocks multiple devices in many instances. My usual issue, on desktops at least, is overloading a particular usb controller so a device doesn't get enough power. Even on my new motherboard I need to split devices between USB 2, 3 and 3.1 to not overload them.


4 internal ports + 4 port hub

- Hub
- Blue Yeti
- YubiKey
- External SSD

- Keyboard
- Mouse
- Phone Dock
- <empty>

I wish I had 8-12 internal ports but then the Mac Mini would look ridiculous haha

@fribbledom work PC, but I have 5 devices spread across 1 hub. Except for the external monitor (Thunderbolt over USB Type-C), all of them are just for charging/debugging wireless devices.


It‘s just three things currently.

- ext hdd
- webcam
- nodemcu

However, the SD card reader is integrated in my thunderbolt dock where everything is connected.


I've got Logitech and Steam controller dongles on the front, and mouse, keyboard, logilink hdd reader thing, and a USB hub in the back. The USB hub extends to my "desk cable station"


Hah nice, I printed exactly the same cable guides the other day!

@fribbledom heh, I bought these years ago. Don't have a printer

@fribbledom Hmm..
- Mouse
- Gamepad
and WiFi USB Adapter

I count 4 ports at front and 6 at back. More that enough for my current needs.

@fribbledom At work just one USB-C cable from the monitor to the MacBook. The monitor has an integrated hub and combines display, network and power via that single cable.

@fribbledom Forgot the Android device that is connected to the monitor's hub and a USB fan for hot summer days 😅

@fribbledom Just one, my keyboard. Only two USB ports, one plugged into a hub built into one of my displays so I can actually plug my keyboard in.

I really wish I had even four USB ports on this laptop.

@fribbledom Laptop with 4 ports, nothing plugged in at the moment. I usually only plug in a Yubikey, an MP3 player, and my phone (to move photos).

Within reach, one older Raspberry Pi with a USB Wifi adaptor plugged in.

@fribbledom on the laptop I've got a dongle for my trackball and one I keep spare for my yubikey, could probably do with 4 ports total though

phone and other stuff that just needs power goes on a 5-port standalone charger

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