In the near future, the most fun Let's Plays to watch won't be streamed by humans, but instead it will be AIs learning and figuring out a video game on their own.

Case in point:

@fribbledom I already prefer to watch that.
I just love to watch AIs learn. Especially in the beginning when they're super dumb but just kinda have a minor gist of whats going on.
I follow Caryck, Codebullet and Two Minute Papers (a bit different)
If you got more tell me :D

@fribbledom well I don't think so. But I do think learning AIs will become a prime assistive technology for let's players, streamers and YouTube personalities.

Why spend time trying to figure out what people want when a machine can tell you what content will give you the most value per minute.

@fribbledom Lots of people watch these videos for the personalities and less for the gameplay, so I don't think so.

@fribbledom hmmm, evolution based algorithms.

Interesting choice, even though a little outdated.

@maxine @fribbledom
when I entered grad school neural networks were considered outdated (support vector machines were the fad at the time)

so I would not be surprised to see evolutionary algorithms make a similar comeback

@fribbledom personally, when I watch a let's play, I expect that the letsplayer will:
- cut out the boring parts
- be better at the game than I am
I don't think watching an AI try to learn a game would qualify.

Some of the funniest computer videos I've seen are the humanoid-learning-to-walk ones:

They also serve as a excellent reminder as to why I gave up drinking years ago:

@fribbledom Slightly different subject matter, but I really like the trend towards making an open bot API for games and letting people design AIs and having them battle, especially in tournaments.

My AI class in college did something on a smaller scale as our final. We all built AIs to play a simple game in a tournament, and your grade was based on your placement.

@fribbledom One of the things I hate are Programmers talking about Neuro-Anatomy and getting it all wrong... We don't use 10% of our brain (that's a myth from pseudo science) and a neural network is not even close to a brain, human or other-wise by at least an order of magnitude in complexity.

@fribbledom The guy in the video claims both in the first few minutes.


I think he actually mentions that current technology is nowhere near simulating an entire brain. I agree though, the "10% of your brain" quote is pretty stupid...

@rebelwarrior @fribbledom iirc its that we dont use more then ten percent at any given time. we still use all of it though.

@fribbledom it doesn't mention backpropagation or Hopfield style updating of neural networks. I don't know what biological organisms do, but brains with tens of thousands pretty much must do it, otherwise it gets really hard to imagine how those states are encoded into the genome..

As to replacing humans, these AIs don't say anything in their stream, and don't necessarily make mistakes we empathize with.

@fribbledom problem is (evolution, takes many generations) times (machine learning, takes many steps)

So that it takes prohibitively long to combine them simultaneously. Starting with the evolution, and then using outcomes on machine learning should be doable though.

@jasper @fribbledom

Watching how neral networks work, in video games is more interesting than watching them perform on an industrial level.

These techniques are entering our everyday lives and will soon be augmenting them in an incredible, sudden evolution of society.

The graph in the video, representing the generational improvements is a key indicator of what our future holds.
We're in a stagnant, saturational generation, right now.

@jasper @fribbledom

Incredible advancements in human manipulation methodology are on the cusp.

Google maps is an outlier. It "graphs" tendancies of movement. It anticipates your needs based on data management. It cordinates other peoples coperation and manages eachothers needs for efficient coexistance.

When "Maps" integrate with actually driving, traffic signals will comunicate and create an efficiency of travel that will manage personal needs synchronously.

@jasper @fribbledom

12 months ago i would get 1 of 3 routes provided to me for a recurring trip at the same time

After a few months only 2 routes would be "randomly" picked.

Its bedn 6 months since I've had a different route offered

I used to follow a route to avoid traffic. Now im given one that sends me on a path through it

I have no doubt that this is an evolution of multiple coordinated algorythms and networks removing chaff

A new world is on its way

Perhaps Musks satellites are key

@fribbledom There's someone on Twitch who occasionally streams AIs learning stuff. The last one I saw was simple puppy models learning to walk. I think their handle is punchesbears.

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