To learn some more about OpenSCAD, I decided to design my own maker coin with it:

You can customize your own version, by changing dimensions, text, font and notches in Customizer:

@fribbledom If I wasn't aware of the scale of this, I would say it's a butt donut :P

Joking aside, this looks really good and I hope your sanding goes well!

@fribbledom I'm a big fan of OpenSCAD. Its a really fun and different way to contemplate CAD.


If you're interested in joining efforts in a more serious OpenSCAD project, check out:

@fribbledom Oh, interesting. Is it supposed to be 3d printed, I assume?


It is and I already have some excellent working prints sitting on my desk 😆

@fribbledom Cool! You should add one or two to the just for a demo.

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