When revising your own texts, change the font to something entirely different after the first read-through. Now read through everything again and I promise you'll discover different mistakes.

@fribbledom I'll try this out next time. Thanks for the tip, doode.

@fribbledom I just yesterday found a typo in a children's book I must have read a thousand times to my son before.
Difference was: I had to read it on it's head due to my son holding it himself in front of me.

@fribbledom Interesting. I'll keep that in mind next time I ever type a long piece of text. :)

@fribbledom Yes! I'm in the middle of doing that very thing. Also choosing a font I don't really like for the edit makes me pickier.

@fribbledom My trick is to compose on a text screen and then review it on a graphics screen. Sometimes the other way. Regardless, it forces ones eyes to at least *look*. :)

@billblake2018 @fribbledom Exactly, a major advantage of non-WYSIWYG word processing: you see the text in two formats.

For blog posts it helps a lot to type it in as HTML in a fixed-pitch editor then proofread in a browser.

@fribbledom All right. Write it in Comic Sans then switch to Papyrus.

Can do. 👌

@fribbledom I tried that once, turning my manuscript into comic sans. It leaked like that some time later, I don't know when. Later, Hollywood made a blockbuster hit based on that manuscript, claiming it was "based on the graphic novel."

;) j/k

@fribbledom More seriously, the other thing I do is read it out-loud to myself. If it doesn't flow as naturally as something I'd speak in casual conversation, that segment that seems off or odd is ripe for a rewrite.

@fribbledom I…had never thought of that… that sounds like a really good trick, and I gotta try that out next! Thanks!

@fribbledom I'm often tasked with editing other ppl's text. I will give that a shot next time.

@fribbledom Interesting idea. Text to speech is another option I've used from time to time.

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