If statistics taught me anything, it's that I'm fairly average at pretty much everything. And so is most everyone else.

@fribbledom "fairly" is quite good -- i'm appallingly average! :ablobgrimace:

@fribbledom While the Central Limit Theorem would suggest that, wouldn't it be more prudent to at least do an ANOVA-test on the set of nominal free variables and possibly also do multiple tests on the intercept versus other nominal free variables, with a robust p adjustment, like the Benjamini-Hochberg procedure?

@fribbledom Turns out almost every deviation is a standard deviation.

@fribbledom Sadly, humans of Earth are actually below average in everything of which matters - including intelligence.

@cybertrekker @fribbledom How it can be? There should be someone who pulls humans' below average to average? But if it's true, then 'Make America Great Again' should be rephrased into 'Make America Average At Least'(if anyone cares, which I doubt)

@codeath It can be because it is. One cannot rely on humans to properly and without bias assess the state of the human condition, along with the state of human intelligence, simply because humans are conditioned by their own concepts or viewpoints.

@cybertrekker In other words it's possible, but we're to stupid to (dis)prove it?

@codeath Many things are possible, but they require the right conditions to depict the true nature of anything. Stupidity is what stupidity does. Just take a look at the plethora of civilisations humans have destroyed throughout their history. This is indicative of that below average intelligence. The so-called rationality of humans as a species is manifestly overrated, as is that of the educated. There is hope so long as there is life, and the right changes and attitudes are inculcated.

@cybertrekker If you'd replace 'below average' to 'disappointing' I'd understand. Otherwise, my math breaks down.

@codeath It is disappointing because it is below average. One shouldn't replace the designation merely to fit into a specific mathematical construct or model. Mathematics can illustrate a condition correctly, just as it can illustrate human conceptual nonsense to fit into a preconceived idea. Even science is humanity's interpretation of life, the Universe and everything. Whether that interpretation and hypothetical construct is correct or not is another question.

@codeath That would sadly be predictable for a human. This would indicate your interest is not in the substantive but the superficial.

@cybertrekker My interest is below superficial. You must know that :P

@fribbledom Most people have an above average number of legs.

@fribbledom Unless you are a climate scientist and you can maneuver that bell curve over a little bit! Haha

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