Time to ditch Instagram and join pixelfed!

Follow me here:

@fribbledom That feel when registrations are closed and all bigger instances have ugly domains ... #domainbeauty #itmatters

@fribbledom maybe I'll throw one up once it's out of alpha. Love the idea! Instagram is blehhhhh.

It's federated, so you should be able to follow @fribbledom from wherever you're posting now - unless I've screwed up the username, that is =)

@Roujo @fribbledom I'm kind of a noob here. I don't know how to follow them from there. The docs for pixelfed said federation isn't supported yet?

It depends on your client and server, but in general you can click on their username (@fribbledom for, @fribbledom for and it should open their profile. You can then hit the Follow button from there! =)

@Roujo @fribbledom

I added the one on mastodon, just don't know how to add the pixel one. There's no follow button that I can see from the profile there.

@bort @fribbledom Huh, interesting! I see you're on a Mastodon instance, what client are you using?
@bort @fribbledom Ah, indeed. I jumped on my old account and it just opened fribbledom's profile in another tab. On Pleroma's web front-end and Fedilab (Android app), it shows their profile like it would for any other Fediverse instance. Sad. =/
@fribbledom I have absolutely no idea how to remote follow on pixfed

(btw my account is )

@fribbledom this is a neat looking link, but suffers from the same issue as Mastodon. The average user will see ‘Registration is Closed’. And they’re done. Back to Instagram they’ll go. #libre and #federated i awesome, but the barrier to use it in the manner it is today is too high for the average person.

@MickInTX @fribbledom

The biggest downside to that is that it would become a..well, moirass of roughness, to put it politely.

It is a good idea to spread out registrations over instances on PixelFed, like Mastodon and others.

@cyberpresidentvanellope @fribbledom oh no, I agree totally, federated is better overall for the libre part if nothing else, it’s simply that a new user who is immediately met with a message saying registrations are closed, is a lost potential user in most cases.

I would just like to see an easier way to pick a server that is accepting registrations without having to go to another page, then copy, navigate back, and try to sign up again.


Sure and that's just fine! Others like not to "spam" their timeline with random snapshots though, so I can absolutely understand the need & want for a separate feed and platform.

@fribbledom Oh, right. Guess I don't post enough photos.


Looks like that's still an issue with pixelfed, yes 😯

@fribbledom @datn Hello, remote follows are not yet live on! We hope to get that deployed this evening.
@fribbledom I tried to join once, but then I remembered that I don't take pictures neither draw somenting.

@fribbledom is it to instagram what mastodon is to twitter?

@fribbledom thanks! I just finished setting up a mastodon instance, maybe this is next (follow me at @sockspls )

@fribbledom Now, if only some of the open instances disclosed where user data is stored/what law users are subject to instead of just copying's TOS. (It strikes me as unlikely that they're ALL Canadian, but that's what every instance I've looked at so far says.)

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