Isn't it weird how we make round pizzas, delivered in square boxes, just to cut them into little triangles before eating.

@fribbledom Hitboxes are still called hitboxes even when they're round

@fribbledom Yes, that is weird. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

@fribbledom Don't forget the shapes that you process them out to.

@fribbledom weirder how we've turned cheap street food into something artisan and expensive.

@fribbledom Around here we have a pizza place that makes rectangular pizzas cut into rectangles or squares that fill the boxes and another place that cuts the round pizzas into little parallelograms.

@fribbledom @neal here most places have square as a size up from XL.

@disco @fribbledom Yes, I forgot about the rectangular party pizza size. I've only eaten them back when I was in grade school.

@fribbledom a sector of a circle is not a triangle. cmon. :P

@fribbledom when I was a kid, we used to get carryout from Pizza Hut in Wichita, Kansas (where the chain began). The round pizza rested on a cardboard circle and the whole thing was contained in a paper *cone* that one carried by the point, with the pizza-on-cardboard suspended inside and below.

@paregorios @fribbledom w h a t that sounds like an amazing pizza delivery mechanism

was there a lid, too?

(i'm sure cardboard squares use less material, though?)


no, it was just white paper, you ripped it open at the top.



Those are all the same shape according to Topology, a branch of Mathematics.

@Tau_Leonis @fribbledom A topologist is a mathematician who can't tell the difference between a coffee mug and a donut :)

@fribbledom at home we usually do make some kind of square pizza, and some local pizza places sell them like this.

@fribbledom not as weird as it would be if we made triangular pizzas, put them in circular boxes, and cut them into squares.

@fribbledom Nah, easier to make a square box, easier to make a round pizza and easier to eat triangular slices.

@fribbledom I guess the gaps it leaves at the corners in the square box, makes it easier to take out the first slices.
As for pizza slicing technique; isn't square-cut a thing for Chicago style pizzas?
Personally I have to try this disc tiling technique next time:
Also, here in Norway sells a rectangular pizza:

@gamehawk I could only read the title, but it already made me laugh 😆

@fribbledom I think what it boils down to is: Chuck E. Cheese crust is the opposite of crispy and so when they cut it the excessive outer crust shifts around, then the cheese sets up a bit and the pizza looks like you've Frankensteined a bunch of random slices together.

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