"We can't stop here - this is EDGE country"

(on a road trip through Germany, dealing with 2G mobile infrastructure)

@fribbledom You got EDGE????

Wow, are you close to a hot spot?

(Seriously, mobile is so underdeveloped here. There are so extremely many white spots, where you simply have nothing)

@61 sounds honestly very much like Germany.

In rural areas if you want anything faster than 56k (or the overpriced ISDN), then you have to use mobile. I bet France just markets it differently, but essentially it is the same.

That's just what you get from a "free" market, that's "competition driven".

btw. we got lucky here and won a European modernization lottery, that allowed us to buy a fiber optic DSLAM and install it ourselves.

I have 50Mbit up and 10Mbit down now. Not thanks to Telekom.

@61 But guess who still owns the lines and thus whom we pay money for using the DSLAM?

A wet dream for capitalists.

Literally no investment and still all the profit.

@maxine @61 @fribbledom
"It's not that we don't have better technology, we just prefer to roll it out slowly to get more money for it"

@Ayior @61 @fribbledom Telekom Germany literally admitted that they hold back DSL technology (they partly helped developing) back.

So they can sell more ISDN connections (because those need two telephone lines and thus are double the price)

@maxine @Ayior @61 @fribbledom "So they can sell more ISDN connections (because those need two telephone lines and thus are double the price)"

can you please give a reference for this statement?

@aslmx I don't have something to link (too lazy right now)

But for reference. You pay a base fee for telephone lines here. ISDN needs two for various reasons, but DSL only needs one telephone line.

Because the base fee is per telephone line, they can charge double the base fee (which is usually 90% of the contract costs)

@maxine technically I have succesfully had a synced ADSL line over one copper wire (1) (That was 768k, 15yrs ago), but in practice (normal operation) xDSL uses two copper wires - as does ISDN (Uk0, not s0 which uses 4).

Not going to defend TDG here, but either your statement is wrong, or we are talking about different things here.

TDG actuallyused to sell ISDN+DSL which ran over the exact same two copper wires but in different frequency bands. And any live deployment still looks like this.

@aslmx We are talking about different things here.

I don't talk about the technology, but marketing strategies.

Back then, you had a monthly base fee and then were charged by time.

Unless you're a power user, you'd pay 90% monthly for the base.

That's what I am on about. The technology is hold back, because it is better to sell people over expensive stuff.As those base fees are per phone line (internet doesn't count)

@61 @maxine @fribbledom I live in the UK and can't think of anywhere I've been in the past 3-4 years that hasn't had at least one bar of 4G. And I've been to some pretty remote islands and rural areas.

@fribbledom Could also be used when passing trough an intranet standardized on Microsoft browsers?

@fribbledom Come to Australia, then. The 2G (EDGE) connectivity has been shut down.

@fribbledom During that summer when everyone was silly and played Pokemon Go, I could walk into the forest next to my Swedish city of 100k+ inhabitants, still see medium-rise apartment buildings over the tree tops, and be out of 3/4G range.

@fribbledom Your doing a road trip in germany and you have internet signal?!?! Wow!

@fribbledom I once used Aldi Talk, and remember one day the whole Aldi Talk network was down for hours in whole of germany , no net no cellphone signal

For me it is a no-signal country. I mean speed limits ;)

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