As relevant as ever:

"The events of 1933-1945 should have been fought no later than 1928. Later it was too late. One must not wait until the struggle for freedom is called treason. One must not wait until the snowball has become an avalanche. You have to crush the rolling snowball. No one stops the avalanche."

-- Erich Kästner

@aetios @fribbledom ... and those who remember are doomed to watch others repeat it

@gudenau @fribbledom Most peoples' lives are filled with the struggle to cope with today and tomorrow. They do not (or at least think they do not) have the resources to worry about far away events that might or might not affect them years down the line.

@fribbledom Thank you for reminding me to put my recently acquired Nazi-era German cookbooks (magazine format) in a protective sleeve. Yes, even that got politicised, if you know what you're looking for.

@fribbledom Related: really want to get a pre-1933 copy of Dr Oetker's Schulkochbuch, before that got the "treatment." (Mine is 1938, but utterly FASCINATING.)

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