These flexible E-Ink displays from Adafruit look rather slick 😍

@fribbledom Ooh, shiny! Wants some sort of wearable project

@fribbledom Huh, looks useful for customizable badges stuff...

@fribbledom damn, I wish they'd shown refresh rates on them too. I would love a rollable ebook reader.

@fribbledom I need one :D was looking at the bigger, 3-colored ones by waveshare, but this is cool as well.

@fribbledom I was wondering recently if flexible screen tech has been progressing in the e-ink side as well.
Good to see it has. I just hope there will be an affordable (<200 EUR) ebook reader which opens up to have big enough of a screen to show a full epub page at once.
(Or what most publishers seem to set as the page in epub books.)

@fribbledom Though considering I also want the reader to have a numpad for input so I can pretend it's the Guide from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy my wants might not be representative of a meaningful segment of the market.

@fribbledom I would make a suit out of these with tiny video cameras hooked to each one, positioned on the opposite side of my body, aimed outward. That way I'd appear to be invisible from every angle.

Or at least, without the cameras, for Halloween I could go as a cuttlefish.

@fribbledom Ooh, I like it! Adafruit is often out of my price range, but I might have to treat myself...

@fribbledom Oooh yeah that makes me itch to pull out my soldering iron!

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