Today's Dilbert strip is just brilliant 😂

"The Simulated World":

@fribbledom It sucks that Scott Adams is a super-pro-Trumper. I used to love Dilbert so much.

This is the kind of thing that I don't understand. Why do people completely turn on someone when they find out their policy beliefs? Is the cartoon no longer funny now? Not trying to troll or be sarcastic, I really don't understand this phenomenon. Thanks.

@yisraeldov @jrc03c @fribbledom Objectively you're right. And in mild cases it doesn't make a difference. Scott is an extreme example who's turned into an evangelist for his own genius on every topic under the sun. I know the topic of this comic is something he's expounded before, and he seems to genuinely think that he's one of the "smart people" that no-one will believe. And while the comic in itself is great, I can't help but have my opinion of it changed by that knowledge.

The comic looks like an anti-trump statement. Some people stoped believing the smart people, the experts, the scientists and the professional journalists to instead believe in social media, bullying and unjustified prejudice. That's why to me the cartoon completely lost it's appeal after those infos about the author.
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@wranvaud @squaregoldfish @jrc03c @fribbledom I actually thought it was religious. G-d created the world, then hid himself. I guess every #religion would say that they have a monopoly on the "smart people".

What is funny to me is how atheists like #SamHarris can be OK with someone believing that we live in a simulation, but he condemns people for believing in a creator if they call him G-d.



I don't mind the simulator being called god. All those made-up religious rules, traditions and stories seem even more ridiculous if you now imagine that god just being a teenager running a bunch of simulations on his notebook in his bedroom, though.

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@squaregoldfish @yisraeldov @jrc03c @fribbledom That Scott Adams is a climate change denier also gives the comic a bad aftertaste.

@yisraeldov @jrc03c @fribbledom there's some rich guy in America who is so convinced we lived in a simulation that he's hired people to hack it. The thing about this strip is that I think it's serious. And he's possibly lamenting that lesser beings aren't differential to their silicon valley overlords. Obviously tech billionaires are smart people. We should blindly trust them.

What changes the funnyness are the power relationships.

@yisraeldov @fribbledom It's not about his policy beliefs. I'm willing to differ with people on policy and still appreciate their creative output. It's that Adams worships the most morally abominable piece of shit that I find intolerable.

@jrc03c @fribbledom Asking as an outsider, don't live in the US of follow politics. Why is he the "most morally abominable piece of ..."? I'm sure if you tried you could find much worse, no ?

@yisraeldov @fribbledom Well, there are worse people probably, but few worse people in such a position of power.

@jrc03c @fribbledom Can you give some concrete examples? I mean I don't see people being nerve gassed in the US. Can you give some specific examples of things #Trump did that makes him so immoral? Not trying to trap you, I just don't know and I see a lot of hatred that I don't, from where I sit, see why.

@yisraeldov @fribbledom No, I don't want to do that here. Any reputable newspaper will have a more concise and thorough account than I could give here. And just because people aren't being gassed doesn't mean that he's off the hook. There are plenty of ways of being a moral abomination without gassing - or even killing - people. And our system of government, while extremely imperfect, has prevented him from manifesting his worst impulses.

@yisraeldov @jrc03c @fribbledom in today's comic we can see how his anti-climate-change position seeps into the jokes. It makes them not funny at all

@chebra @jrc03c @fribbledom Is there a way to get these comics in our feed. I actually do find them entertaining.

@yisraeldov @jrc03c @fribbledom rss reader plus puppeteer, small weekend project, yes.

@fribbledom a pity that strips like this one are less and less common

@fribbledom Dilbert is God!
Ten years ago I wrote a piece of Bible fanfic along similar lines:

@fribbledom Have you seen the new TV series "Miracle Workers"? It's utterly blasphemous, it makes no sense, and it's a lot of fun.

@fribbledom Technically, if you approach the speed of light (C), time slows down. So, if we were able to accelerate a spacecraft near enough to C, someone could reach the "edge of the observable universe" in a finite amount of time. The trouble is that, while their experience would be localized to where they are, they couldn't transmit information about that experience any faster than the speed of light, so it would take ages to propagate knowledge.

@fribbledom I think this is a really compelling argument against simulation not mentioning for you can't falsify it and akams razor of course:

But yeah ... simularion theory is really trippy and instresting to think about.

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