If you're a Unix user like me, you're probably using 'ls' more than most (if not any) other programs.

Check out 'lsd' (ls-deluxe), an ls alternative with a bunch of neat improvements:

@fribbledom that seems pretty cool, and here's another ls tip:
drop a function in your bashrc/zshrc/etc to automatically perform `ls` immediately after you `cd`

@proto @fribbledom this seems like a bad idea if you have folders with a lot of files

the way the function is written in my zshrc, I could probably add a length check rather than just blindly vomiting text. So far I haven't needed to care though

@proto this is what happens when i run ls in my pleroma uploads folder and there's several screens past that so i can understand the value :p

@fribbledom I can strongly recommend "exa" as an ls replacement. It has some really neat features such as obeying gitignore files if you ask it to, and showing you git status flags for files.

@kungtotte @fribbledom

Yeah, I'm also an `exa` user. What does `lsd` add over `exa`?

@fribbledom I actually quite like the output of -l just fine.

@fribbledom It looks pretty, I hope it isn't (or is) addictive.


Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

root@perich00:~# lsd Der Befehl 'lsd' wurde nicht gefunden, kann aber installiert werden mit: snap install lsd root@perich00:~# apt install lsd Paketlisten werden gelesen... Fertig Abhängigkeitsbaum wird aufgebaut. Statusinformationen werden eingelesen.... Fertig Kein apt-Paket "lsd", es ist aber ein Snap-Paket mit dem Namen vorhanden. Versuchen Sie »snap install lsd« E: Paket lsd kann nicht gefunden werden. root@perich00:~# root@perich00:~# snap install lsd 2019-03-04T12:05:28+01:00 INFO Waiting for restart... lsd 0.10.0+git1.097b708-dirty aus Pierre Peltier (peltoche) installiert root@perich00:~# lsd cannot open directory'.': Permission denied (os error 13) root@perich00:~#

@fribbledom ArchLinux: yay -S lsd nerd-fonts-complete . Or another nerd-fonts (see yay -Ss nerd-fonts)


Thanks I already got nerd-fonts-hack enabled.

@fribbledom looks good too, i went for "mononoki". let's see whether i'll use it longer or not. xD thx btw

@fribbledom lsd is "ls deluxe", or is it just "lysergic acid diethylamide"? So many colors. 🌈🍄

@fribbledom gentoo ebuild when

also whats with the fancy prompts what like you have there does that require zsh or something or how do y'all do that


Check out the nerd fonts. I'm sure there's something for gentoo already.


@fribbledom @mal dang. installed and rebooted and everything and it still isnt working right

@fribbledom @mal ah i think im not setting terminal font correctly or sth

@fribbledom @mal god this is weirdly confusing why do none of the docs for this tell you what you have to actually do :(

@mal @fribbledom yeah im finding other people annoyed that the dependencies arent set correctly for lsd to actually depend on the fonts it.... depends on to work in any of the package managers :(

@anna @mal @fribbledom fonts are impossible to configure 100% of the time


Usually running a combination of zsh / elvish / powerline prompt.

@fribbledom i heard of this one time and considered checking it out but idk

i try to depend on core tools that i can expect to be everywhere usually so i'm flipflopping, even though it seems nice
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