With the introduction of polls on some Mastodon instances, I decided to start the 1st Inofficial Programming Language World Championships!

It's a knockout tournament where 32 programming languages compete against each other, and you decide the winner of each round by voting.

Sadly only a select few instances support polls so far and you won't see them on Fedilab just yet. Check the website!

Today's matchups:

PHP v Bash
Object Pascal v D

Spread the toot, let's make this a fun one!

@fribbledom I can't vote. Nothing happens when I click one of the (presumed) radiobuttons.


I assume you're on my profile page? It doesn't seem to work there indeed, you'll probably have to wait for your instance to support it. Alas, the federated life 😆

@fribbledom You do seem to have a fairly large following, you might be doing the world some good if you were to suggest that some users of smaller instances contact their local administrators and give them a small nudge to update!


I certainly wouldn't mind. I'm just not sure if this is part of an official release so far.

@Gargron Care to comment?

@fribbledom @kitty @gargron It's not mentioned on any of the recent releases, so I think it's still "in beta".

What version of Mastodon supports this? I am the admin of my instance so I can update if I want.


I'm not even sure if it's in an official release at all, so far. It's only just been rolled out on tonight and I've seen a few other instances support it as well by now.

@fribbledom @masterofthetiger as far as I can see this feature is not yet in v2.7.4 which is the lastest official release (released yesterday).

With this version i just see square brackets in front of the options instead of radio buttons.

@fribbledom are you sure that it worked making the poll? Even with my undercover m.s account, I can't see any poll on your toot. (Even though I can see the option to make polls in the toot-creation-area.)

@fribbledom @zatnosk I see the Object Pascal vs D poll but not the PHP vs Bash poll :(

@fribbledom I'm using Tusky app and I do not see it as a pool

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