Home-made drone:

Laser-cut wood as a frame, Arduino as a flight controller, gyroscope from a Wii controller.

The rest is off-the-shelf: motors, ESC controllers, RC equipment.


It really depends on the battery you attach to it. The sweet-spot is probably somewhere around 20 minutes with a GoPro attached. Could get more out of it with different motors.


I'll be honest, with those motors it's almost too agile for me not to crash it eventually 😂

But I'm mostly used to flying heavy, slow but stable hexacopters with camera equipment attached.


The big advantage that comes with this design: a new wood-frame is laser-cut within 10 minutes and costs you just a few pennies.

@fribbledom that's awesome. is the design and stuff open source? that might be a good project for the ppl at chaostreff wallis

@fribbledom awesome!
Are the schematics available somewhere?

@fribbledom ...when grandpa tells storys about things from long time ago when you had to slaughter Wii controllers bc you had nothing. :-P
Btw can't remember that any of them flew longer than 10 minutes, just that they were somehow attracted to the ceiling ;-)

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