All you need to build your own little fine dust sensor & outdoor weather station:

- ESP32 micro controller
- SDS011 laser scattering particle sensor
- BME280 temp/humidity sensor
- Jumper wires
- PVC flexible tube
- PVC pipe for protection

You can get all those parts for ~$30.


A map of particle sensors:

there's also for measurement publishing, integrated with the firmware
has no hexagons though :^(

@fribbledom This is something I might do. I would want to throw more stuff into it, like a pressure sensor.


The BME280 actually does have a pressure sensor on board as well. If you want absolute pressure values though, I think it needs to be calibrated for your specific location first.

@fribbledom @gudenau if you wanna be fancy, get BME680 instead, it can also measure VOC for air quality.


I'm actually having trouble sourcing the BME680 (for a reasonable price anyway). But yeah, if you can get them, I'd recommend them over the BME280 (which itself is a fantastic sensor, especially for the price).



That's the BME280, though. You can often find them for less than $2.


@fribbledom Well I am a fool for trusting the Adafruit search engine then.

@fribbledom Interestingly, there are only a handful of stations reporting in the Americas, and they all look good compared to Europe and Asia. I wonder if that's a sensor problem, location issue, or indeed fewer particulates?


I guess there really are too few stations in the US to give an accurate picture, but generally speaking:

I would assume that most sensors report accurate values here. The air quality in the denser populated and less pollution-regulated parts of the world is much worse indeed.

you probably already know about this one, and it's not open source.
it's also more interesting if it hasn't been raining/snowing.

@cs @fribbledom America is mostly deserts and plains, isn't it? Unless you mean metro area like the east coast.. would imagine there's really cleaner air
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