Doesn't Big Ben look gorgeous restored to its original color of Prussian Blue with a gold inlay?

@fribbledom Whoa, that's very different to what I remember!


Amazing what a hundred years of pollution and erosion can do to the material & colors, no?

@fribbledom I was always sure it was a very dark black paint!

@rekh127 @fribbledom more gray (or grey ... the language changes in that time too)
@fribbledom @rekh127 it turns out that keeping timeless things timeless actually takes effort.

@fribbledom This is where some annoying know-all points out that Big Ben is the bell, not the tower or the clock face.

@fribbledom Prussian Blue i love this color thank's for sharing.

@fribbledom I want that as a print on the wall.

Or even working!

@DC7IA @fribbledom

I wonder if it is possible to remove the hands in the photo via some software; then if you printed the picture and stuck it to some corrugated board like used for those political boards you could 3d print the hands so they looked like the correct ones and put a quartz movement behind the board?

its quite a bit of work but not totally impossible...

@DC7IA @fribbledom

to be fair the most I've done is transplanted an MSF movement from a clock with a broken glass (that was decomissioned at work) to the case of another one which had a normal free-running movement (this is now up on my wall, and I am quite proud of it even though it doesn't look special at all) but maybe others here might have some better amateur horology skills?

@vfrmedia @DC7IA @fribbledom you just need two good pictures at different times of the day:) cut out the area where the hands are and overlay and align them.

@vfrmedia @DC7IA @fribbledom actually, it's regular enough, you could probably do a fine enough job by cloning and rotating. There's no good way to know what it looks like at the center where the hands are pinned, but that would be covered by hands anyway. I'll see about mocking it up

@fribbledom For me it goes against my preferences (I don't care for blue+yellow/gold specifically, but it also looks a bit too swanky).

But it is also way more interesting than black/dark grey on white with gold framing.

@fribbledom It's like when they cleaned No. 10 Downing St (Prime Minister's residence) and discovered that it was actually yellow but appeared black from centuries of pollution. They then painted the bricks black because that's what people expect it to look like.

@fribbledom that is not big Ben, that is a clock. Big Ben is the name of the big bell...


That is probably the most German touristy thing one could say in London 😂

Names and meanings change. "Big Ben is the nickname for the Great Bell ... and is usually extended to refer to both the clock and the clock tower."

Since a couple of years its official name is actually "Elizabeth Tower", but I don't think I've heard a single person refer to it by that name.

@fribbledom The least harmful thing being done in Westminster this year.

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